The White House is making false claims!



In a speech published by the White House: LINK it claims some amazing things that are pure fiction.

The White House claims the following:

“The fifty-five Delegates to the Grand Convention in Philadelphia met from May to September of 1787. They gave us an incredible gift: a vision of the sovereign and self-governing people to control their own affairs. And they gave us a Constitutional system that protected our liberties by enshrining the Rule of Law.”

First, 55 delegates did not sign the constitution of the United States, it was 39 that witnessed it and one man signed it that being George Washington who conspired with the traitor Alexander Hamilton. It had to be signed in a created special convention because it was signed by men that were technically committing treason against the National Government under the Articles of Confederation of 1781. The first three documents were created by Congress, and so all signers were necessarily delegates; the United States Constitution was signed at a special convention outside of Congress, and its signatories were not all current or former members of Congress. Notice that the White House claims a Grand Convention when it was supposed to be a Constitutional Convention wasn’t it? See the play on words?

The rule of law is never defined: LINK What rule of law? Do you mean the one where there is a shadow government and a deep state attempting to place a communist regime in America? That must be the rule of law being talked about coming from the White House.

The White House claims the following:

“The Framers of our Constitution triumphantly declared to whom the government of the United States belonged: it was “WE THE PEOPLE.” These three beautiful words are among the most important ideas in our nation’s history: the idea that government’s power is vested in the nation’s citizens – the people to whom we owe our ultimate and sacred allegiance. Our soldiers fight and die to protect our citizens, and our government is forever duty bound to safeguard their sovereignty and their freedom.”

So We the People of the United States? The same people that have stolen all of the assets and boast of 28 trillion in assets at the Bank of New York Mellon on Dutch Manhattan Island, that are still current subjects of the King of the Netherlands which is why they attacked the White House with the Netherlands second video as a kind reminder of who runs the United States inc.? DO you mean those We the People?

Did the White House tell the rest of those people that fought and died to preserve freedom were actually fighting and dying for an Oligarchy and not a republic of the people; LINK and that you are related to George Washington just like every other president that has been in office while lying to the people everyday for 230 years?

The White House claims:

“For 230 years, we have governed ourselves and planned our own destiny, guarded all the way by the Constitution of the United States.”

Ourselves must mean all in the family because the country is operated by a private membership association called the American Bar Association that make laws to benefit lawyers and attorneys and not the people. The courts do not work anymore, there are more people in the United States in jail then all countries combined and this is the reason why: But as long as they do not prosecute anyone related to the family then everything is ok correct meaning Hillary? oh, you mean your family bloodline that has been protected by the constitution of the United States…..

The White House claims:

” We have inherited a birthright of freedom – we must defend it dearly, protect it jealously, and promote it proudly, as one nation under God. We must rise to the task of self-governance, prove worthy of the sacrifices made to carve out this magnificent nation, and we must give our loyalty to our Republic and its citizens in all that we do.”

The White House oligarchy has not inherited anything and is not the rightful heir to nor has the birthright of freedom and thereby does not have the authority to bestow that claim upon the people, and by people does not mean Dutch American and English Americans still subjects of foreign monarchs.

The White House claims:

“So let us pledge allegiance to our flag, devote our hearts to our country, and demonstrate our love for one another—as Americans, as Patriots, and as the children of God.”

No where in the law of nations does it claim that people receive any form of internationally recognized status by pledging allegiance too a flag. Devotion of the heart to a country is not recognized as a status of nationality or citizenship unless an oath or affirmation is tendered. Demonstrating love for one another happens when correction is made and not before. Patriotism is another “ism” and men and women were made, not children so claiming that the people are the children of the oligarchy is a violation of the covenant between heaven and earth.

The United States inc. is not a Great Country. It is nothing more than a corporation privately owned and operated by a small group of people that possess stolen assets and kill people with those assets that may pose a perceived threat to it. It has invaded the 48 States of the Union with its army of attorney’s and have been systematically torturing the people since its inception with endless bureaucracy that benefits a certain class of people. The people have been fed a line of crap for over 230 years by this corrupt power hungry family that can live with its lies and house of cards foundation. Correction has to be made according to international law and the Law of Nations.