The United Nations never legally existed on paper!


Published on 09-02-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


On 09-14-2012, the Universal Postal Union received a document from the Government of The United States of America pointing out that the General Postal Union Treaty was never signed by a plenipotentiary (representative) of the Government of The United States of America.

For those that do not know, under the Law of Nations and International relations, the stile of an entity is everything. This means that if Spain and France wanted to create an agreement by and between each other, the parties have to read Spain and France. The parties cannot be altered in anyway otherwise the treaty is null and void. 

Example: The treaty cannot read Espania and Franc unless that is the proper translation within each countries languages. In English, the parties have to be Spain and France otherwise the treaty never happened.

When the General Postal Union was created in 1874 (became Universal Postal Union “UPU”4 years later) and the parties that signed the treaty to create the organization convened, there was a change in one of the plenipotentiaries entities. For those people that have never heard of the UPU, it is an organ of the United Nations that provide Global Postal Services and is responsible for the existence of all of the addresses of each office of the United Nations. If the United Nations offices do not have a legitimate address, the office does not legally exist. If the office never legally existed, anything that the office signed never happened. 

Here is a copy of the document sent to the UPU with proof of service receipt: LINK

If everyone will notice in the treaty that the entity/country that was listed and invited to the signing of the treaty was “The United States of America”.

However, the plenipotentiary that showed up and crashed the party was one: For the United States of America: JOSEPH H. BEACKFAN.  According to the official record, Joseph H. Beackfan was not invited to sign anything and was not a plenipotentiary of The United States of America when he signed the General Postal Union Treaty.

According to today’s history books, The United States of America was supposed to have been replaced with a new country name and constitution in 1789, yet there it is again one hundred years later. The countries name The United States of America is also mentioned again in South Carolina’s declaration to leave the Union which sparked the Civil War.  

The Government of The United States of America has attempted at least four times to correct the problem and the UPU keeps ignoring the solution. Instead, the UPU has resorted to different forms of pain compliance (form of illegal torch er) against the Government of The United States of America to keep it quiet. The Government of The United States of America does not go away because for those in the know, it has the blood moon. LINK

As a result, the Government of The United States of America was able to recognize the Postmaster General, Megan Brennan, as the head of the Postal Department in its Executive Branch as if USPS never existed. LINK

The silver certificate and the Continental Dollar along with the Continental Stamp are in circulation within The United States of America.

The UPU is without any legal addresses for the United Nations so that private club never existed and is responsible for making fools out of 194 countries and committing  a fraud against the  whole world.

The Government of The United States of America believes that this mistake was on purpose so that the United Nations could be dis-credited and the New World Federal Republic could come in and save the day with a new world government. Now that the plan is out in the open, any body claiming to be a World Government is illegally claiming a position and existence under an illegal and or non-existent Treaty and non-existent address.  

The Government of The United States of America is expecting more pain compliance to be exacted against it, however, that is what psychopaths do for a living. It is ignored and the  Government of The United States of America moves on to re-building the States of the Union. The Government of The United States of America did withdraw itself from the General Postal Union Treaty about a year after that aforementioned document was sent because of the refusal of the UPU to correct its fraud. The UPU was given 4 times total to acknowledge its mistake and correct, yet chose to implement pain compliance to cover it up.