The trustees of the Temple of YHWH offer dual nationality to correct chain of title!


Published on 05-08-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


There have been many questions about a currency reset all over the internet. The problem arises when the assets are covered in false claims against them that created the currency in the first place. The chain of title has to be corrected before any kind of currency reset is valid otherwise the reset will crumble as quickly as it began.

Therefore, since all of the assets that create the currency is governed by the old and new testament of various versions of bibles and scriptures. It makes sense to follow the chain of title in that book to find a solution to the chain of title issue and correct the problem. Through research and investigation, it is believed that the problem has been identified and the solution has been found in about 10 different spheres at once.

The problem and solution is written in the Minutes of the Meeting with various other topics covered. The problem starts with WHEREAS, and then the solution is covered in the BE IT RESOLVED section of the Minutes right afterwards.

This is a part of the problem described on page 2 and the whole document can be found here:  LINK CLICK HERE

This is the page that the Minutes are published on: LINK CLICK HERE!

“WHEREAS, the people in and of the world are being transferred at birth to a church on paper without their knowledge or the knowledge of the mother or father; and”

Please keep in mind for those that do not know that the reign of the heavens is a country. Watch the following video and see for yourself.