The reign of the heavens society is not associated with devil worshiping!


Published on 05-11-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


Presented by the Government of The United States of America

An Illuminati member Stella Lehn is doing her best to associate the reign of the heavens with devil worshiping.

Stella Lehn appears to be a harmless little old lady. However, when someone spends some time with her, a whole other  Stella Lehn appears that is cunning, manipulative and has a vile agenda.

Stella Lehn is a “former” Illuminati member, the niece of Henry Kissinger that grew up in the Illuminati devil worshiping cult. Stella Lehn claims she is not a part of the Illuminati any more, however, once she was caught recording committee meetings without the knowledge of the committee and claiming she was reporting to someone every other day, the whole plan was exposed.

Ever since Stella Lehn was exposed, she was removed from the office of General Post Master which expels her from Government service. Since this last video she made, Stella Lehn has been deported from The United States of America. The action by the National assembly seems harsh, however, the action taken was warranted.

The Illuminati was using a harmless appearing little old lady that calls herself “Bluewitch” and claims to be a good witch, but spreads rumors and lies that the reign of the heavens is condoning all of these alternative beliefs which in the opinion of the members of the Temple, is devil worship.

If a movement can be established by a little old lady, how could that seem threatening to anyone? It depends on the subject matter that is being established.

Jada Jackson has seemed to fall under Stella’s spell. Stella’s innocent laughs when she is lying. Her theatrics when she does not know the answer to a question etc.. etc… Jada Jackson has been asked politely at least on three different occasions to remove her slanderous video from You tube and refuses to remove the video thereby intending to slander the reign of the heavens. Both Jada Jackson and Stella Lehn is using the ignorance of others to form an impression about the reign of the heavens which is false and both are doing this with evil intent.

Here is the screen shot of the comments that were placed on Jada Jackson’s you tube channel:  LINK

Go look at the video page now, Jada Jackson is hiding those comments to hide her intent from her subscribers: LINK 

The reason why Jada Jackson is doing this is because that is what devil worshipers do, they do evil against others for no reason.

If the Illuminati can get enough people to believe that the reign of the heavens has something to do with a middle earth theory, or somehow tied to Hinduism, or a part of snake worshiping, then people will shun and do their best to destroy, then the Illuminati can swoop in and take over with the help of people that believe they are doing the right thing for their god. If that happens, the Illuminati has the original Government in their hot little hands and can destroy from within, if that happens, the Illuminati can start enforcing Communism to cover the devil worshiping agenda. Why do we know this? It is because the committee lived it for 9 months while Stella Lehn did her best to disrupt anything that the committee was doing with constant interruptions and re-directing conversations. At the same time Stella Lehn was causing arguments and division. Since Stella Lehn has been banned from the committee, more was accomplished in one week then the previous 5 months.

Stella Lehn has a little helper and protector that lives near her that was elected the coroner which has been removed from office, removed from General Post Master and has been deported also. His name is Gregory Layton. Anytime Stella Lehn was confronted to stop interrupting the committee, Gregory was the first to claim abuse and tort on Stella’s behalf. Illuminati members love drama and create it where they can to hide their agenda. They also use drama and false claims against anyone they deem might figure out what the agenda is and its details. 

The Government of The United States of America and the reign of the heavens society is dedicated to the human rights of others. Devil worship and communism is the exact opposite of human rights and therefore cannot mix the two. 

Warning: All of the information on the Jada Jackson you tube channel as it pertains to the reign of the heavens cunningly called “Reign of heaven”(to avoid liability) is false. Anyone foolish enough to believe Stella Lehn on anything she says or any legal advice she imparts deserve what they get. Neither Stella Lehn nor Jada Jackson represent the reign of the heavens nor do they speak for the Government of The United States of America. Anything claimed in the video either by Jada Jackson or Stella Lehn is a complete mis-representation of the truth and completely opposite of the views of the American Nationals and the  reign of the heavens society Temple members. Jada Jackson refused to invite anyone that has the authority to speak for the Government of The United States of America  or the reign of the heavens and decided to lie to the public instead. The actions taken by Jada Jackson are of low character and dis-honest therefore Jada Jackson and Stella Lehn are in violation of the human rights of the members of the reign of the heavens society Temple to say the least. International Human Rights violations may be published against both Jada Jackson and Stella Lehn.


Stella Lehn, a former American National and human rights defender conspired with a U.S. citizen Jada Jackson to to smear a foreign Government and a foreign Temple on behalf of a third party that being the Illuminati in violation of International law and the law of nations. Further, the video content is cunningly attempting to create a international confrontation and obligations that the Government of The United States of America will not honor.  

Presented by the Government of The United States of America.