The National assembly motions the General Post Master Council for an order of estoppel against the Universal Charter of the Judge from the International Association of Judges as it pertains to Executive Order: 13780 of March 6, 2017, signed by Donald J. Trump!


Published on 03-13-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

The National assembly has been busy and observing the actions taken by the company when it comes to National security. The National assembly is setting a precedence of function to bring this country together. This motion is the first of many that will be published to assist in the mission and obligations of Government when it comes to protecting its metes and bounds and seaward boundaries of The United States of America.  LINK TO GPMC ORDER

Another issue is dealing with the Universal Charter of the Judge where a copy of it can be found at this link. LINK

The Government of The United States of America has a unique advantage when it comes to finding leaks in the borders of this country. The Main leak has been found and is being dealt with to clean up the courts of the country. More details and a wider explanation will be offered soon.

Meanwhile it is better to take action and then tell the rest of the story when the leaks are plugged. The company is in need of dejure authority to carry out its functions under contract, that dejure authority is being granted one step at a time by the Government of The United States of America when it comes to International affairs and it benefits the country as a whole. 


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