The Lawyers and Attorneys are the Deep state!


The signatories to the Government of The United States of America are not anti-law nor anti-government and believe that is what is going to be said or claimed by the members of the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association under the direction of the city of London.

The claim that the lawyers are the deep state comes from the video below that was published this morning: Feb 18, 2020 on youtube. “These are the deep state being exposed” talking about attorney’s.




Source:   MM: 4:20

1: The attorney’s took over the Grand Juries in 1946: LINK

2: Created the Bar Treaty in 1948: LINK

3: The American Bar Association (ABA) completely ignores the Rights and Duties of Man: LINK

4: The ABA has allowed over 60 million children to be slaughtered under their watch and called it a right. 

5: The ABA members created the Declaration of Interdependence and trafficked millions of persons under that declaration: LINK

6: Amended State constitutions from Judicial Departments to Judiciaries and made it a requirement to be a member of their private membership association to be able to qualify for a position in the Judiciary. Further, wrote the Florida Bar into the constitution itself without any popular vote whatsoever and have been terrorizing the inhabitants of the State of Florida ever since. This same thing has happened in many States around the same time:

Florida Constitution Before 1968 and the Florida Bar did not exist in the pre 1968 constitution: LINK


Florida after 1968: From Judicial Department to Judiciary and no notes were made towards the change of the term. 


7: If that is not bad enough, look at what they did to Centerhill in the lawyer created state of Florida: LINK

Then it gets worse: The inhabitants become the Attorney’s piggy bank to fleece when they need to go on a vacation:


The Government of The United States of America receives report after report of violations of even the simplest of laws everyday committed by Attorney’s in the courts that terrorize the inhabitants in all 50 States every single day; with access to S.W.A.T. teams equipped with Military weapons and Militarized Sheriff’s offices; which use to be called the office of the Sheriff and privately owned detention centers owned by the Judges through various entities . 

Now therefore, the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America has declared the International Bar Association and the American Bar Association International and domestic terrorists working for world communism: 

LINK to the official record. 

and further actions taken by the National assembly: 

1: The #MeToo movement is hereby declared a Neo-Nazi International Terrorist Organization. 

2: All Universities are hereby declared Communist indoctrination organizations. 

3: LINK: five-year-old Nathan, an autistic boy who has been branded a “sex offender” for hugging a classmate and kissing another on the cheek is hereby pardoned and removal of any reference as a “sex offender” from his “record is hereby ordered. Further, and Hamilton County, Board of Education are hereby declared child abusers. 

Once again, the Government of The United States of America has to fix the mistakes of the Bar associations because they are drunk with power and completely corrupt. Who would ever think that persons would allow a private club to come into a State, allow their persons to be enslaved as inhabitants and let the private club run their own created state within a State? Basically that private club placed all homes under the term “real estate” for the city of London and have been creating usury debts and created the “real estate” bubble in an effort to create a massive land grab for their own club.. The private clubs are traitors to the whole continent of America.

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 


serveimage|Judicial Department|Judiciary 1968