The international trustees of the Virgin Islands Bureau of internal revenue trust are hereby noticed by the committee for the Government of The United States of America!

                         PUBLISHED BY THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST ON 01-19-2018

                                                        INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

Sometime before the 4th day of September, 2017, the trustees, principals and agents of the Virgin Islands Bureau of internal revenue and trust registered to do business within the U.S. Virgin Islands, convened and wrote within its minutes authorizing the National Guard to seize arms, ammunition etc.. to carry out its emergency mission. LINK

After 90 days of said order, New York/Manhattan Island is attempting to use this private international precedent under private international law to implement the same aforementioned trust policies and or by-laws against subjects that are victims of trafficking in persons already in use and committed by the same trustees. 
so done under the wording: ” An array of gun control groups have allied with New York lawmakers in a push to establish Extreme Risk Protection Orders, forcing subjects to surrender their firearms.” All evidence is printed and placed into evidence.

The receivers of the constitution of the United States have failed to realize a few international facts. Even though the constitution of the United States stated that it had the authority to define and punish offenses against the law of nations, the receivers have failed to understand that the Articles of Confederation of 1781 was and still is a subject of the law of nations. It was never the private constitution of the United States adopted by the Masonic Order Temple that protected this country. It was and always will be the Law of Nations as derived from the Scriptures that is causing their demise.

The Articles of Confederation as amended August 5th, 2015 and the Government thereof is a subject of the Law of Nations and therefore the trust minutes of the aforementioned trust is in violation of the Law of Nations. Private international law cannot violate Public International law and the Law of Nations.

Therefore, the aforementioned trustees, principals and agents are now subject to international arrest by Interpol officers and can spend the rest of their lives in an international prison without the possibility of parole for unwarranted and illegal aggression against the States of the Union within The United States of America.

It is redundant at this point and time to mention the 450 million counts of trafficking in persons in violation of Public International law of which the trustees, principals and agents are the subjects thereof. That condition is a foregone conclusion.

However, an attempt to seize the guns of the people is an attempt towards genocide and to conceal and illegally alter the Public international record for the purpose of hiding evidence of Public International Crimes thereby hiding the Trafficking in Persons. Any attempt of ordering the agents of the National Lawyers Guild and the American Bar Association to play the non-recognition game will only implicate said agents in the Public International Crimes.

This is the final notice to stop and correct towards the direction of becoming a benefit to the world rather than a cesspool that is in need of a thorough cleaning and sanitizing.

This international public notice is further directed towards any and all agents within the States of the Union that wish to implicate themselves in multiple violations of Public International law and the law of nations by enforcing private international law derived from these offshore trusts. Any cooperation with these offshore trustees shall cease and desist immediately otherwise forever be known as an International Criminal.