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A municipal government is a public corporation. The council, or commission, is the board of directors, elected by the stockholders, who are the citizens. The public corporation is formed to provide self-governance and a variety of services.

Here is evidence of a corporate entity taken directly from Article 1 of the Charter for Baltimore City of 2010:

§ 1. Corporate entity.

The inhabitants of the City of Baltimore are a corporation, by the name of the “Mayor and City Council of Baltimore,”

Further, we can confirm this under Section 2 of the Charter:

§ 2. Definitions.

As used in this Charter, unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) City.

“City” means the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, the body corporate as established by Section 1 of this Article I.

So reference to “city” within the charter is not a reference to a land area of streets and buildings but to a corporate entity named “Mayor and City Council of Baltimore”. Thus, “city” equals “company”.

Generally, when a town decides to incorporate, it is the residents of the land mass or area to be incorporated that vote on whether to incorporate or not wherein each voter becomes a stockholder of the city and a citizen of the municipal corporation.

When a city operates without popular vote of the stockholders and citizens living within the incorporated area, the city municipal corporation has been converted into either a incorporated private membership association or a private company. When that happens, the municipal corporation ceases to have jurisdiction within the public and is restricted to placing ordinances upon its own members.

Now the council, or commission, is the board of directors, elected by the stockholders, who are the citizens. Again, like the example of “city” that operates without popular vote of all inhabitants within the incorporated area, the word “stockholder” is substituted with the word “voter” to lead you to believe the corporate entity is a government body, pursuing solutions for the people, not a private corporation pursuing profit for its stockholders

Note the definition of voter from the Charter of Baltimore City:

(b) Voter.
“Voter” means any person whose name appears on the election records kept by the Board of Supervisors of Elections of Baltimore City, as a qualified voter in the City.

There’s that word “city” again. Remember, it is not a reference to a land area but to a private company on paper and the only “qualified” voters are stockholders also known as citizens and inhabitants. Thus the above definition of voter actually says, “Voter” means any person…as a qualified stockholder in the private company.

Inhabitants are automatically classified as residents of the state—usually after six months of continual residency. Residents never receive a stock certificate from the municipality (corporation) as evidence that the individual is recognized as a citizen of the city (stockholder) and an inhabitant of the state to bind the citizen to state statutes that govern the public municipal charter. That is felony conversion of the public record.

Apparently, then, residency has nothing to do with citizenship and the ability to vote because if it did, you would be issued a stock certificate from the municipal corporation. In other words, residing within the city limits (the land area) has nothing to do with being able to vote within the municipal corporation called “Mayor and City Council of Baltimore” because inhabitants are recognized as the City of Baltimore as being the corporation. Without a stock certificate, you are not a “voter” or “citizen” of that corporation nor are you recognized as one of the population (inhabitants).

Residency starts on the county level under the county commissioners which make up the state. Residency and resident are two separate terms with different meanings. Cities do not make up the metes and bounds of the state, counties perform that function. Citizenship on the county level does not exist and neither does inhabitant status as one of the permanent population of the city, therefore, the residents are placed directly under the state legislatures as resident aliens with no ability to vote and are directly taxed by the state legislatures. Inhabitant and citizen status is never offered to your person and therefore the Bill of Rights does not apply. The Bill of Rights strictly applies to the person as an inhabitant and citizen of a municipal corporation.

“Ex parte Shaw, 145 U. S. 444, 12 Sup. Ct. 935, 36 L. Ed. 768; The Pizarro, 2 Wheat. 245, 4 L. Ed. 226. “The words ‘inhabitant,’ ‘citizen,’ and ‘resident,’ as employed in different constitutions to define the qualifications of electors, mean substantially the same thing; and one is an inhabitant, resident, or citizen at the place where he has his domicile or home.” Cooley, Const. Dim. *600. But the terms “resident” and “inhabitant” have also been held not synonymous, the latter implying a more fixed and permanent abode than the former, and importing privileges and duties to which a mere resident would not be subject. Tazewell County v. Davenport, 40111.197”

However, today’s residents are being used as slaves to perform surety services to the inhabitants and citizens of private municipal corporations to reduce the citizens liability and insure the citizens property even though the residents are not subject to the privileges and duties of a citizen. Further, the residents do not have a vote to protect their person and are subjected to many human trafficking violations and human rights violations. GSA is authorizing counterfeit municipal securities issued under human rights violations on a daily basis.

And recall moments ago we learned, according to the charter, that only qualified voters of the company can vote.

So we are forced to ask again: are you a qualified voter in the company?

If so, please display your stock certificate. If not, stop lying to yourself and pretending that you have government representation. You do not. You are outside the corporation and have no say regarding the internal operations of the company nor can you protect yourselves from its tyranny.

Further, if you do not have a stock certificate issued by any city within a state, then there exists a violation of the rights of the child because there is no way to acquire a nationality.
Let’s examine some more text taken directly from the charter.

§ 6. Uniform taxation.
The taxes levied by the City with respect to ownership of the same class of property or property rights, shall be uniform in rate throughout the entire City.

Therefore the city is subjecting mere residents to the same privileges and duties as the citizen and the residents do not have any recourse other than to issue a comment at the city council public meetings.
So, as a reminder, the entry above translates, the taxes levied by the private company and or private membership association against residents. Private companies do not qualify as government yet the Government Service Administration “GSA” gives those entities .gov and maintains the .gov top level domain thereby perpetuating slavery against mere residents.

How did a private company obtain the authority to tax the residents? Does your company or Microsoft or McDonalds have the authority to tax residents?

Of course not, that is why your taxes are classified as gifts to the private corporation enriching the stockholders for no reason other than GSA said it was a government (.gov). Further, these private companies masquerading as public municipal corporations are illegally transferring the financial liabilities of the corporation to residents and simultaneously keeping the profits of the municipality for themselves thereby committing unjust enrichment.

And earlier, didn’t we establish that you had no vote because you had no stock in the company? Yes, we did. So, how is the company named “Mayor and City Council of Baltimore” authorized to tax you when you have nothing to do with the company and it operates as a private company and private membership association at the same time? Yet, GSA (with its .gov designation) advertises it as a public municipal corporation that is authorized to tax the non-members as slaves of the company.

This would mean that all city debt belongs to the city and no other when it decided to operate as a private entity and withhold citizenship which results in withholding a Nationality from the people. Article 15 violation of the UDHR

Not one of the those residents have any form of stock certificate within any public municipal corporation, therefore by maintaining mere resident status only does not give the person any form of vote within the state nor do they have any form of citizen status or record of citizen status anywhere in the country thereby violating the rights of the child.

If no public municipal corporation exists within the state, then the inhabitants receive a share certificate from the capital city. It is the only reason why a capital city exists. However, the states decided to operate as trusts doing business as private companies when they gave up their national money thereby withholding Nationality from everyone.

Residents do not have a vote therefore do not have a right to do commerce within any given state, therefore all commerce is a privilege enforced by the state on behalf of the few inhabitants that do have a stockholder certificate within one of the municipal corporations within one of the states. That is a form of slavery.

Birth right citizenship came from the city and county level wherein the individual is recognized as an inhabitant. Share Stock certificates are transferable by a last will and testament which is the only evidence of citizenship available within a municipal corporation. If a child is born within a city or county, the child has birth right citizenship within that city in the county and its charter. The child then obtains inhabitant status of the state at age 18 and either inherits the stock certificate or obtains their own which is evidence of citizenship within the state capital where the citizen can vote in state elections as well as county and city elections, and can then claim a Nationality within the country.

All residents registered as voters today are simply offering an opinion, not a valid vote nor is the vote counted towards one candidate or the other.

Proposal from the North American National Party:
1: All counties return to their charters in common law and recognize all current residents as inhabitants which will force the municipalities to issue share stock certificates to all of the inhabitants of the county and city giving those new inhabitants citizen status in commerce to their person. Citizen status within the municipality connects the citizen to the state capital and therefore becomes a citizen of the state. This will make the municipalities and the states beholding to the citizens again as stockholders thereby reducing all human rights violations against the residents and cease and desist the issuing of counterfeit securities on the international market.

2: The citizen status will allow the inhabitants to vote within state elections through the state municipalities. The citizen is bound by ordinance wherein the municipality is bound by state statute. This keeps the citizen at arms-length of a rogue state legislature. Remember, it is the citizens of the municipality that vote in the state legislature, not the mere residents. All state elections are held within the municipality and each winner is counted as one vote from the municipality towards the state elections.

3: The citizen’s qualification allows citizen status within the U.S. corporation through the SSN and therefore all taxation comes out of the yearly dividend check “as stated on the 1040 form” received by the citizen through the municipal corporation which make up the gross national product of the country apportioned to all citizens.

4: That citizen status will qualify the individual for National status within The United States of America governed by the Government of The United States of America. This part allows the citizen to separate their commerce and person from their real life and therefore have access to the remedy of human rights when violated against their citizen and person within the corporations.

The commission on United States nationality has completely failed in its mission to educate the residents and have stood by and allowed many human rights violations to occur for decades. It is time to make history and open up the status quo to new management.


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