The Grand Master Dieter B. Hees of the Grand Lodge of New Jersey retaliates thereby committing domestic terrorism!



Mr. Hees was accused of multiple human rights violations on 11-06-2017; Claimed by: George Graham Althouse III-trustee. LINK

When the time was up for Mr. Hees to answer the claim, he decided to initiate a foreclosure proceeding that just so happens to be 3 years old. Since Mr. Hees could not legitimately defend his innocence of the multiple human rights violations and failed to use his intellect to find a peaceful solution of the thousands of counts of human rights violations having been committed against many people within the State of New Jersey under his watch. The only thing Mr. Hees could think of was to commit another series of human rights violations so others would not find out the truth. Mr Hees is simply trying to get rid of the claimant by kicking the claimant out of the county, it is as simple as that because Mr. Hees is a simpleton as most self proclaimed slave owners are simpletons and without talent.

The most heinous crime any international criminal could commit against human rights is homelessness because it leads to disease, hunger, crimes against the rights of the child, crimes against humanity and possible genocide. Even within the rules of the Masonic Temple, it is considered unjust enrichment.

However, when you have the U.S. Military protecting your every crime, it is easy to appear to be strong and powerful when in fact most if not all of these so-called Grand Masters are cowardly, dishonest and without honor.

Mr. Hees and all of the other so-called Grand Masters of the United States have been violating Article 25 section 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights against millions of people particularly since 2008 when the Masonic Lodge thought it was a good idea to crash the housing market for the purpose of increasing some numbers on a computer screen to please their papacy. Isn’t it ironic that supposed men of god do the most harm towards others and are rewarded for nefarious acts by their papacy?

This particular case is not about someone that found out about the mortgage fraud committed by the Masonic Banks and decided to fight by stopping payments. This particular case is about a family that lost their job due to the Masonic Economic mis-management, attempted to get jobs to stop unemployment payments so they could catch up on payments and have not been able to find gainful employment. These cases come by the millions in America under the management of the papacy.

America has been hijacked by a small group of men with no backbone to do what is right. Everyone of them have been compromised with indiscretions of their own appetites. Further, they don’t face their accusers because they hide behind curtains and ask other really good people that are easily deceived to do their dirty work for them. If we could find a respectable act, it would definitely would be reported. No one can report what can’t be found.

Article 25 section 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is very clear:

Article 25
1. Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and wellbeing of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.

That article is very clear and does not have big words that are hard to understand. However, the so-called Grand Masters of the United States, while continuing to boast about their own greatness and there ability to kill someone in a host of ways, continue to claim greatness on the backs of others. Those others are the people that are claimed as property by people like Mr. Hees. That so-called property has talent and can stand on their own where people like Mr. Hees are without talent and are forced to rely on others for their own identity.

This particular case is in fact a case of domestic terrorism because foreclosures and placing people on the street are in fact human rights violations. Any human rights violation is an act of terror. It takes years for people to heal from such terror.

Evidence: A and B.

If the Government of The United States of America had more support from the people, none of these human rights violations would be occurring. It takes backbone and talent to run a country,not people that have to create stockholm syndrome in order to stay in a so-called leadership role.