The Government of The United States of America moves towards Barter!


Published on 04-22-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


The Government of The United States of America acknowledges the wealth and potential of a Barter System. Barter is where it all began.

Basic Research:

The TRUE COST of borrowing money from a private central bank that is privately owned:

As an example, let’s say you want to install solar panels on your home:

Loan Amount: $ 15,000.00
Loan Term in years: 15
Loan term in months: 180
Interest rate per year: 5.5%
Your monthly payment: $ 122.56

This is reality:

$ 122.56 x 180 months= $ 22,060.80 (the total you paid over the 15 year term)
$ 22,060.80 – $ 15,000(original loan amount) = $ 7,060.80
$ 7,060.80 divided by $ 22,060.80 = 32%


$ 7,060.80 divided by 180 months = $ 39.23/month you could save by using interest free, debt free National Currency issued from a Government Treasury. 

This is just one example for you to consider. You can use your own numbers to
see what your TRUE INTEREST RATE is. That’s why Albert Einstein called compound interest the most powerful thing on this planet.

This is what happens to countries when they abandon their own Government Treasuries. The organization “We are change” went to Venezuela to find the truth: LINK

empty store

garbage streets

An attempt to alter the metes and bounds of The United States of America:

The private central banks attempt to change the metes and bounds of a country right under the nose of the people without any vote, no legislation, no news story, no nothing, they pretty much do what they want whenever it suits the private banks: LINK

INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE: The attempt to change the metes and bounds of the country through a publishing called “A New Map for America” published by The New York Times is hereby null and void and lodged into the International Community as a formal objection by the Government of The United States of America.


The General Post Exchange (GPEX) is using the software of Do Barter and joined the network of 160 exchanges around the world. LINK

The Do Barter Team is extremely professional and care about its customers.

GPEX is funding two other sub-exchanges:

1: San Diego county assembly exchange: LINK

2: Sunny Side Exchange: LINK

GPEX wishes to fund other sub-exchanges with the Continental Dollar. GPEX has exclusive control of the currency code: “UCD” on the Network which is the Continental Dollar.  LINK

GPEX is split into two parts.

1: The General Post Exchange is operated by General Post Office Government Agency under the General Post Office Articles. LINK

2: General Post Exchange Cooperative (GPEX Co-Op) is open to universal membership by the Public At Large and managed by General Post Masters. LINK

Purpose of the Government of The United States of America:

Many ask why the American Nationals went through all of this trouble to reform the original Confederacy of 1781 into a republic form of National Government.

Reason: In today’s markets, the foreigners buy the Heads of State to protect the foreigners markets within a country.

This leads to the detriment of the voters of the Head of State and forces the voters out of manufacturing and producing exports. 

Example: The oligarchy’s in America were paid off by Islam and many other countries to protect their markets in America. That is what happens when you have an oligarchy in a country.

The Government of The United States of America has created an American Market for American Producers to trade in a Barter Market formed by the Do Barter Team where the Government of The United States of America exclusively protects American interests and businesses.

The Government of The United States of America was reformed and re-populated to protect American Markets.

Therefore, GPEX is inviting any American that is loyal to America to join its cooperative. The country needs American Producers and Manufacturers. There are enough consumers in America.

GPEX is inviting local, state and federal employees and Military personnel to join the cooperative as well regardless of employment or position.

GPEX will help any organization start their own exchange as a sub-exchange of GPEX so it can fund the sub-exchange. GPEX will also train Managers of their exchanges and support those exchanges. GPEX can offer this because the people at Do Barter supports GPEX with its management of GPEX.

If we all work together and begin to produce instead of consume, with the Government of The United States of America protecting American Markets and the business interests of the American people, America can be a great country once more. 



 empty store|garbage streets