The biggest lie ever told by the United States Inc.



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“It must be admitted that it is difficult to assert the historical existence of
an actual contract.55 In fact, if the Constitution were taken to be the social
contract, an argument based on social contract might be used to argue against
judicial activism in privacy cases. As Professor Perry structures that position,
while arguing against it, the Constitution is viewed as a social contract between
the nation and the states and among the branches of the federal government, in
addition to the usual view of the social contract as between the people and the
sovereign or among the people.5 6 As such, the tenth amendment is a clause of
the social contract that is violated by judicial activism where state legislation is
involved.57 Similarly, activist review of congressional and executive actions
violates article III of the social contract.58″

“While the Framers of the Constitution may have been affected by social
contract theory, 59 the Constitution is not itself the social contract. The social
contract is not a contract among the branches of the sovereign government or
between sovereigns – the states and the federal government.6° The social
contract is among the people or between the people and the sovereign. 61″

Law of Nations: DOWNLOAD

The biggest lie ever told was the fact that United States Inc. never had a permanent population that it claims it had or has at this time. That is 240 years of no population whatsoever. If no social compact by and between the people, no State or government can exist. Private states within States cannot exist as written in the Law of Nations.  

At this point in time, the only Government that existed since 2011 is the Government of The United States of America, and now, National Governments of 15 States within the States of the Union that are not corporations LINK.  In accordance with the Law of Nations  and the source document downloadable above, there has never been a citizen of the United States nor a U.S. citizen in existence because a required social compact by and between the people was never signed by anyone meaning it never existed until 2010. LINK

Since the tripartite is the responsible party for this lie, the sole blame does not rest on the U.S. Military, the tripartite military center. The fact that the city of London, the tripartite financial center and Vatican City, the tripartite religious center had a hand in this lie thereby also responsible for lying to the rest of the world about its continual slavery.  

The bottom line is that the United States that the people believe existed, in fact never existed, and therefore it is time to change their reality to something that is fact based and not built on a foundation of quick sand.  

The Government of The United States of America has been correct since its inception and no one can deny that truth and all of the bashing and lies must be taken down from those blogs that have been spewing lies upon lies for the past five years. Those publications of lies shows the rest of the world what kind of people they are that would constantly lie and bear false witness and simply love to hurt other people for no just cause. 

It is also time for the Sovereign Citizen Domestic Terrorist profile to be wiped from the database of United States Inc. because it is nothing more than a political hit list and illegal at best. United States Inc. has no authority to hold the private records of the people in the first place and therefore has no authority to take in migrants or offer citizenship. It is a privately owned company and that is all. 

All international records of United States Inc. must be handed over to the Government of The United States of America for the United States Inc. has no National authority nor can it classify anything under National security without being in dishonor of the Law of the Land (Law of Nations). LINK

The U.S. Military does have the option to become an American Military by virtue of a new National flag, a social compact and an oath to the country and not to a empty constitution created by a private company.  The people are tired of endless foreign wars and will eventually rebel if asked to invade another country on behalf of the psychotic and greedy.  The U.S. Military can yield by its commander raising the National flag at anytime.  The historical Continental Dollar is the National Money and nothing has to be lost as far as retirement or time served in the U.S. Military. This offer is made to the U.S. Military from the light of forgiveness and humility. A third World War will do nothing but destroy your family, friends and future and expedite your destiny towards perdition. (a state of final spiritual ruin; loss of the soul; damnation)

It is time to exercise YOUR right of self determination thereby determining your own future and not dictated from those that are determined to choose their own path to perdition.  It is never too late until your last breath no matter what has been done in accordance with the New Covenant.  Contact the office of the Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America for a flag if needed or desired. LINK 

Serve your own country rather than the tyrants across the pond!