Texas Prosecutor’s office caught stealing a car, tampering with a witness and hiding evidence!



On or about the 1st of July, 2017, on a Saturday evening the Clerk for the Courts for the Government of The United States of America was pulled over about 2 blocks from his house. Long story short, they towed the car. The funny thing is that the car was removed from the Crown Temple roles since March of 2017. No arrests were made of the Clerk for the Courts. The registration of the vehicle in the Department of Transportation for the Government of The United States of America was recognized and acknowledged by the Florida DMV where the car in question was removed from the Crown Temple system.

The prosecutor Brett W. Ligon: Montgomery County District Attorney and/or Darla Fay Faulkner: Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney
207 West Phillips Street, 2nd Floor, Conroe, Texas 77301 advised the two police officers to state that the registration was not recognized to hide the evidence of existence of the Government of The United States of America because the police officers were told and assumed it was some guru scheme under the testimony of Southern Poverty Law Center. That advice now places the entire Police Department under legal liability for Grand Theft Auto and mis-representation of material facts. They found out that the registration was legit and here is the rest of the story.

The Clerk for the Courts was a witness in a murder trial and withdrew his testimony 06-05-2017 because of his political decision and the fact that the prosecutor rendered no protections as to the identity of the witness and further blatantly placed the witnesses picture on you tube without regard to life and limb. So the prosecutor decided it would be a good idea to pull the witness over and attempt to traffic the vehicle back to the Crown Temple Roles and literally gave the Clerk for the Courts an oath to sign thereby attempting to traffic Clerk for the Courts to the Crown Temple roles to be held surety for the murder trial as a witness. The Prosecutor is paid a bonus from the Crown Temple on murder trials and that bonus was in jeopardy.

Once Montgomery County Texas found out what it had done, they told the towing company to place a claim on the vehicle IN THE NAME OF A THIRD PARTY (LLC), hid the tracking in the mail of the certified letter in an attempt to privately pressure the Clerk for the Courts to sign the oath and pay the claim to get the car back and of course, accept the theft of intangible property rights meaning their driver’s licenses never mention intangible property rights and only guarantees a trial before it is taken which is no driver’s license at all. Can anyone see the manipulation of due process? The Crown Temple works on behalf of Vatican City Treasury and the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher is its Military arm to enforce the edict that all intangible property rights belong to Jesus Christ but conveniently held and spent by men. The next thing we are expecting is that their foreign Crown Temple trial will be re-scheduled to an earlier date on paper where a warrant is created because of this International Public Notice. The reason is that the Crown Temple is liable because the car was stolen across International boundaries and now the Crown Temple has to explain why its international boundaries even exist in a foreign land and why its statues are forced on foreigners but benefit its agents. That doesn’t sound very holy to anyone.

History: When the 1789 constitution of the United States was written, a void was created in it that a a real Executive Branch was never to exist under an oligarchy thereby allowing the foreign Crown Temple to come in and enforce its laws for the purpose of extracting the wealth of a nation into the treasury of Vatican City. The system was exposed in this particular case and now the theft of intangible, intellectual, and tangible property is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. If in fact the Crown Temple in the city of London denies a theft occurred in this case, then slavery is also proven. Ironically, the address of the Municipal Court and Police Department is on Plantation Drive. If no one is putting this in perspective, the Crown Temple is foreign to this country so where did it obtain its authority to place foreigners on trial for anything in America or setup courts in a foreign land operated by foreign agents under the classification of agency? The answer is that it doesn’t have the authority otherwise they would have never had to hide the fact from the people.

A hearing with the General Post Master Council is scheduled for Tuesday of next week to hear a motion for a Writ of Replevin. We are not expecting the respondent’s to show because their arrogance knows no bounds. It has also been reported that gold coins have been issued to prosecutors in this aforementioned office when the maximum sentence is served to please their god that was stolen from the Berbers and Biblio’s of North Africa many years ago. In other words, the Crown Temple system is running a wealth extraction scam on America and the Romans know it and have mentioned it in you tube videos in the past. When will the crime end because we are obviously in a time where all secrets are being revealed?

07-14-2017 LINK TO COURT JACKET UNDER “RUEDA, JR., Juan Manuel”