Public Notice from the Government of The United States of America


Seal-Department of State

Public Notice is as follows:

The National Government formed as the Government of The United States of America is a National Government for those that have claimed the Nationality called American National.  This claim is different from American national which is a title offered by the U.S.  The National Government has been receiving emails with some negative comments mainly from disgruntled U.S. citizens and those that have a vision of the country and how they think it is supposed to be operating. 

The Department of State refers these comments to the first statement of the Public Notice.

The U.S. citizens will be treated and have the same rights, privileges and immunities as the American Nationals if found doing business within The United States of America. Residents of States will also be treated the same way by the Government of The United States of America. Their human rights will not be violated in anyway.

The political views of U.S. citizens and residents of the States need to be pointed towards the U.S.  The National Government does not exist to save the world nor save the country. It exists to serve the needs of the American Nationals that have properly claimed their Nationality because those services did not exist in the United States of 1789 nor is the United States of 1789 obligated to render the particular services needed for Nationals of a country.

The National Government is not requiring people to join nor claim a Nationality, the offer is there if desired, however, anything this National Government does is for American Nationals and not citizens or subjects. Choice has been established and therefore Human Rights have been restored.

The National Government does not claim jurisdiction over any State, state nor city-state. This National Government is not obligated to any Union other than the charter of the American Continent which has nothing to do with U.S. citizens. The original Union was moved to the charter of the American Continent because the original states abandoned the original Union and therefore the National Government was not obligated to keep that Union together with the original parties.

While everyone else was trying to take over a private company, there were people working very hard, sometimes 16 hours per day to form a Government of, by and for the people. However, just like any organization, if you are not a member, your words have no standing and fall on deaf ears as far as any opinion as to how the Government is formed or how it operates or even if it exists or not. If you are not a party, then anything that the National Government does or does not do has no effect on non-parties thus is the reason for no standing. 

The National Government has established a Global Presence through the NAC Society, the reign of the heavens, and with many organizations and nations around the world, however, once again, that presence has nothing to do with U.S. citizens and their problems with the U.S. or global organizations.

The National Government is attempting to make the existence of American Nationals positive and can possibly assist organizations to solve many of their problems, however, the National Government is not obligated to help in anyway.  Any help or assistance is voluntary on the part of American Nationals. 

In the future, if any negative attacks or futile challenges to claims are directed towards the National Government or anyone of the American Nationals, those messages will be quickly placed in the delete file and not answered nor addressed in anyway. The National Government is full of positive thinkers that desire to make the world a better place to live for the next generation.  Freedom is taking responsibility for your actions, not complaining about the problems created by your task masters.

02-03-2015Seal-Department of State