Psyop in Ferguson adds up to Incitement!



Published on 11-28-2014 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

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There have been multiple reports coming from individual reporters and investigators all over the country about the Ferguson incident now called a Psyop by many. A psyop is also known as “incitement” which is a very real crime. Incitement always leads to genocide 100% of the time in many countries. Here is a short report on the events leading up to genocide: Quote:

— William Rubinstein, Genocide: a history[88]
Stages of genocide, influences leading to genocide, and efforts to prevent it
for genocide to happen, there must be certain preconditions. Foremost among them is a national culture that does not place a high value on human life. A totalitarian society, with its assumed superior ideology, is also a precondition for genocidal acts.[89] In addition, members of the dominant society must perceive their potential victims as less than fully human: as “pagans,” “savages,” “uncouth barbarians,” “unbelievers,” “effete degenerates,” “ritual outlaws,” “racial inferiors,” “class antagonists,” “counterrevolutionaries,” and so on.[90] In themselves, these conditions are not enough for the perpetrators to commit genocide. To do that—that is, to commit genocide—the perpetrators need a strong, centralized authority and bureaucratic organization as well as pathological individuals and criminals. Also required is a campaign of vilification and dehumanization of the victims by the perpetrators, who are usually new states or new regimes attempting to impose conformity to a new ideology and its model of society.[89] end quote

Here are two videos that are pretty clear: Just give the first video two minutes and it gets real interesting because the individual is linked to the oath keepers organization which will explain why the oath keepers will not join with nor talk to the Human Rights Defenders nor the Human Rights Tribunal. The second video is just a minute long.



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Incitement is a serious human rights violation and can land people in jail for the rest of their lives or can lead to the death penalty depending on the extended crimes committed that are directly linked to the incitement.
There are a lot of people playing a lot of games with the minds of the people in America. Those people perpetrating these crimes are being found, identified, and documented as inciters of violence and chaos. One of the names being documented is the whole Green burg family. They along with Bill Ayers are at the top of the list.
This is a International Notice for the people involved in these psyop’s operations. The Human Rights Defenders are watching, documenting and recording all activities and all dots are being connected.  The psyop personnel cannot say they were not noticed of the crimes that they were committing and cannot claim “I was just following orders”. Those excuses were already used and it did not save the lives of the human rights violators.