President Trump uses a constitutional argument in a federal court and it is denied? Gee, what a surprise!!


Published on 02-06-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

Gee, what a surprise! A constitutional argument was used in a federal court and everything is overturned and the appeal has been denied. LINK

What is next for President Trump?

1: He is now a “sovereign citizen”.

2: He will be accused of domestic terrorism without a trial.

3: He will be slandered in the press as being a danger to society.

4: His drivers license will be arbitrarily suspended and subject to multiple fines.

5: Police will drive by his house about 20 times per day, real slow and call it surveillance.

6: He will be buried in stacked charges.

7: He will endure multiple pullovers. 

8: He will be fully profiled on the SPLC website as being a part of a hate group.

9: He will lose his job due to rumors of his political activity.

10: All paperwork and arguments will be ignored and called frivolous.

11: Most of the paperwork will be lost and never filed.

12: A local war of attrition will be waged against him.

13: His children will be taken by child protective services.

14: His destiny will be determined in a private meeting and he will be noticed of the outcome in a show trial.

That is the beginning of his nightmare for bringing up a constitutional argument in a State or federal court. President Trump, you need to watch those “so-called-Judges” statements, that will get you tased multiple times and tackled in a court room.

It appears the rich and privileged are starting to experience what everyone else experiences everyday in the courts. Its a wonderful wake up call for the rich; those that use to call people that are not in their circles disgusting and lowlifes and they belong in jail.

President Trump, the White House is welcome to use the General Post Master Council at this link: . You are welcome to use that court as it has authority over the borders. The General Post Master Council does have the exclusive and undisputed authority over the borders of the country.

The White House is in need of reading the “Creatures of the state”  series in this newspaper here: LINK

Its an 8 part series that will open some eyes to reality- not even a president can use a constitutional argument in its courts without it being shut down. Hilarious!!!