Published on 04-01-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

The Human Rights Defenders (HRD) conducted a 7 month investigation into Manhattan Island and its origins.  All connections and links have been verified. This investigation took quite a while because of the cunning type of people that the investigation included. The people (dutch) that have a charter from the Netherlands going all the way back to June 7, 1629. Yes, we are talking about the current island of Manhattan, New York.  The tentacles of this island reach all over the continent and back to the Netherlands. There have been connections made to the monarchs of Europe tied to the Netherlands in a way that the British Monarchs claim their royal authority from the Netherlands which changes the way we all picture things in our head. The three city-state empire started in the Netherlands.

One thing is clear, if there are human rights violations being witnessed, one can always link it back to the Netherlands in one way, shape or form.

Manhattan Island, under the Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions  claims all of the North, Central and South American States as colonies today. Many thought it was the three-city state empire. The Catholics are still in fear today that if they were to tell the truth, the Catholics (Vatican) would be blamed.

There will be a series of International Notices published dealing with Human Rights violations and War Crimes. The states and the U.S. can relax, the truth is known and can be proven. There is a saying, “All roads lead back to Rome”. In this case; “All roads lead back to the Netherlands”. The Dutch people have been studied in their habits and reactions. It seems that there are no boundaries when it comes to their actions. They will attack women and children to achieve a goal.  When it is said that there are no boundaries, it means exactly what the statement implies. 

The investigation information is safe and in many  places around the country. It is time to expose Manhattan Island for what it is and what it claims in order for the American citizens and the American Nationals to be  free of this tyranny. The last statement also includes but not limited to state officers, police, local bankers, local judges, feds, and any other individual. No one in America has been safe from the tyranny of these people for centuries. However, no one has ever seen behind the veil before now without being under the thumb of blackmail, extortion, threat, assassination, bribery, or any other type of vile act that knows no boundaries and no limits.


The assembly for the Government of The United States of America assembled today proclaiming all of the 50 States free and independent.

” BE IT RESOLVED, a motion was carried by the assembly of Affirmed American Nationals that hereby proclaims under the Rule of Private International law, that all 50 States are independent States and not colonies under Manhattan Island Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions to Patroons nor under the Charter of The Bank of New York Mellon of 1784 as American Colonies; and”


“BE IT RESOLVED, a motion was carried by the assembly of affirmed American Nationals to claim Richard Rexford Reinheimer kidnapped by the Dutch residing on Manhattan Island; and”


Under orders from Manhattan Island, Richard Rexford Reinheimer (Richard) was sentenced to two years for resisting arrest. Richard has been fighting a foreclosure for about 2 to 3 years against a foe that had no right to claim him as a subject in the first place before coming to The United States of America to claim a Nationality. The judge in the case in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland is 78 years old which all judges are required to retire at age 70. Richard proved in a previous trial that all charges were made up by the local police. Richard lived in a upper middle class neighborhood. Richard was scared of something that he could not verbally express but through anger and frustration. Richard felt something was very wrong and could not pin point the problem. After being trafficked  about a week or two ago, Manhattan Island thought this was necessary to send a message to the rest of the neighborhood:

“On March 30, the 10-deputies and a 10-man swat team and an armored vehicle evicted Mrs. Reinheimer and her 13 year-old daughter. The other children were not at the home.”


Keep in mind that Richard was in a privately owned detention center and still is today. No orders were signed, nothing was done on the record. When this happens it means that Manhattan Island is lowering the boom on its subjects in its colonies regardless of their age.

The official international record shows that a Human Rights Defender has been trafficked into a private prison owned and operated by Manhattan Island for being a political dissident. Right now, the trafficked Human Rights Defender has arrested the following individuals for human rights violations within the privately owned detention center:(Richard has since been moved to a State detention center):

Queen Anne’s Detention Center
Offender ID #150217
Richard Reinheimer
500 Little Hut Drive
Centerville, MD 21617
410-758-3817 ext. 2
DOB: 5/19/64

Richard has verbally claimed his nationality and protested his incarceration on the recorded calls of the county detention center numerous times.

Richard has submitted these names as individuals he placed under arrest as a Human Rights Defender for Article 9 and Article 15 violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

LaMonte Cooke (detention center warden)
Ben Sampson (asst to warden)
Gary S. Foster (office of public defenders)
Cpl. ___ Spencer (detention center guard)
Sgt. ___ Dodd (detention center guard)
Sgt. ___ Pratt (detention center guard)
Off. ___ Wilson (detention center guard)
Off ___ McGlaghlin (detention center guard)
Off ___ Saglione (detention center guard)
Off. ___ Foxwell (transport driver)
Frank M. Kratovil, Jr. (named magistrate by inmate at county facility)

The following individuals are also involved with his arbitrary arrest, sentencing and incarceration.

Thomas George Ross (magistrate)
William H. Adkins (magistrate)
Sidney S. Campen, Jr. (magistrate)
Tesia Zajac (magistrate)
Rebecca S. Finn (state’s attorney)
Scott MacGlashan (circuit court court clerk)
R. Gery Hofmann, III (sheriff)
Charles Harris (deputy)
Phillip J. English (deputy)
Kevin Fleck (deputy)

Human Rights have been codified in International Law and are enforced under the “Jus Cogens” doctrine. Regardless of Richards guilt or innocence, human rights violations have been committed and covered up.

One thing is for sure, Manhattan Island, the Netherlands and the Dutch people believe that they are above the law and will crush anyone that they believe threatens them regardless of the consequences and loss of life. Updates will be available soon.