Owner and Operator of “Virgo Triad” YouTube Channel accused of attempted murder!




Owner and Operator of “Virgo Triad” YouTube Channel accused of attempted murder! According to the affidavit filed with the General Post Master Council for the Government of The United States of America this Virgo Triad character thought it was a good idea to call John Harold Fulks a “sovereign citizen” against the established international record. LINK!

Video Evidence:

Minute 1 and 3 seconds to minute 1 and 10 seconds.
LINK! Link to affidavit and arrest warrant against the owner and Operator of Virgo Triad.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) website was reporting about the International Arrest Warrant against Anna Von Reitz wherein Anna Von Reitz attempted to report the Government of The United States of America to SPLC, the same communist organization at war with the people that Anna Von Reitz professes to want to protect. LINK! This simple act by Anna Von Reitz proves everything written and published as a publication of record absolutely true about her status and true character.

Quote: LINK!

“Riezinger and the group which wrote the spurious arrest warrant, the Government of The United States of America, have been feuding online sporadically for years, and seem unlikely to stop anytime soon. Riezinger concluded her email to Hatewatch by writing, “Unfortunately, there are a lot of ignorant people out there.”

However, the owner and operator of Virgo Triad had no right to attempt to murder John Harold Fulks with her declaration of status of and on behalf of John Harold Fulks.

As far as SPLC is concerned, their declaration within their publications are notwithstanding meaning recognition by SPLC of this Government is not required. The same goes for police, judges, attorney’s or anyone/anything else. SPLC has been caught working with the National Lawyers Guild, a well known communist organization here: LINK! and fakes allegiance to the United States and the company laws when in fact the SPLC has been in adversity against the United States since the creation of the organization. The ironic thing is that the Department of Justice joined with SPLC against the United States here: LINK! and no one says a word as if the joinder was normal.

Recognition is not required as written here: LINK!

Article 13:

“The political existence of the State is independent of recognition by other States. Even before being recognized, the State has the right to defend its integrity and independence, to provide for its preservation and prosperity, and consequently to organize itself as it sees fit, to legislate concerning its interests, to administer its services, and to determine the jurisdiction and competence of its courts. The exercise of these rights is limited only by the exercise of the rights of other States in accordance with international law.”

This means that the Government of The United States of America and The United States of America does not need recognition from anyone other than the people within the Bilateral Social Compact Agreement published here: LINK!

When people issue their opinions as to whether it is fake or whatever they want to say, they have that right, but they do not have the right to trespass and attempt to murder any of the signatories nor attempt to falsify the international record. If they publish facts and back them up with evidence, that publication will be heard and addressed. Most of what has been published on various sites is nothing more than hearsay, opinions coming from ignorance and flat out slander all of which is notwithstanding anywhere.

The funny part of all of this slander is that the people committing these trespasses and torts are not even parties to the Bilateral Social Compact Agreement in violation of International law and the Law of Nations, however the law does not seem to matter to them which is why the rampant corruption within the country exists.

This publication of record serves as international service of process against the owner and operator of “Virgo Triad”, her real name purposely withheld and hidden by the perpetrator of this attempted murder. International Due Process is the utmost importance and the owner and operator of Virgo Triad will be afforded a Public Trial as is her human right in the General Post Master Council, a court of international public record.

If in fact the owner and operator of Virgo Triad does not answer this affidavit and the accusations written therein within 90 days of this publication of record, the owner and operator of Virgo Triad will be found guilty of attempted murder and another International Arrest Warrant will be issued against her person.

Another Issue in need of addressing:

On another issue, the Government of The United States of America may challenge the United States in the near future as to its true status and standing and as to whether it has the right to call itself a national government or a government at all and a host of other challenges.

This direction has already been reviewed by a foreign 30 year attorney back in 2013, and he said we would win that challenge hands down. However, it may take up to 30 years to collect on all damages so the signatories decided to move in a different direction and exist in parallel with the United States company so its people would have a choice.

The United States, a federal corporation is in dire need of controlling its people and exercise a doctrine of non-interference when it comes to the Government of The United States of America, the American National Union of The United States of America and the States of the Union otherwise its existence as it has been advertised may be at risk and peril in the near future.

The challenge would affect the whole world in a negative light, so therefore a little more cooperation would be prudent at this juncture. Ignoring the issue does not settle the issue, the United States federal corporation and its recognition is not required for the truth to exist and the Government of The United States of America has all of the evidence it needs for any form of challenge if said challenge is published and presented before a third neutral party.

The claim as the Government of The United States of America and any other claim is thoroughly researched with underwriter standards before being published and with that meticulous documentation is absent within the United States Federal Corporation. The United States federal Corporation exists purely on the ignorance of its believers in it and is surrounded by enemies foreign and domestic ready to pounce at the first instance of showing weakness because of all of its violations of international law and the law of nations. Reason and maturity is the doctrine of the day that is in great need of being exercised within the United States federal corporation, arrogance, ego and fake allegiance by its followers will be its downfall.