Order to cease and desist against MARK ROCK HIGGINS!




IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, that MARK ROCK HIGGINS cease and desist MARK ROCK HIGGINS actions of domestic terrorism. 

This order includes but not limited to: 

1: Sending private threatening emails to office holders of the Government of The United States of America: 

Example: “I will be making them at your front door, and yes I am a big man, I will do them face to face to you by you low life people hide behind ignorant people that think a PMA is your savior!” Mark: after threatening a woman with earlier emails that spent countless hours attempting to help MARK ROCK HIGGINS upon which MARK ROCK HIGGINS made false statements against that office holder. The records are all kept in a file offline. 

2: Attempting to use the Government of The United States of America as a shield against MARK ROCK HIGGINS debts that MARK ROCK HIGGINS contracted directly with the Internal Revenue Service.

3: When MARK ROCK HIGGINS does not get MARK ROCK HIGGINS way MARK ROCK HIGGINS resorts to robbery so there is a pattern of lawlessness.  Doc above and signed by MARK ROCK HIGGINS. This is about 1% of the evidence against MARK ROCK HIGGINS. Inhabitant (section 213 of the Law of Nations).  

4; Verbal abuse towards a woman in private, however when the husband shows up and tells MARK ROCK HIGGINS like it is in an email, MARK ROCK HIGGINS resorts to the threat above and also doxxing in earlier emails that will endanger another family because MARK ROCK HIGGINS has the wrong address thereby endangering a completely innocent family. 

For the public, MARK ROCK HIGGINS has had a lot of time to write an affidavit to voice MARK ROCK HIGGINS concerns and they would be heard in a fair and impartial hearing within the General Post Master Council. No one is harder on the office holders of the Government of The United States of America than the office holders because the obligations and rights are taken very seriously to maintain the integrity of the Government.   

However, MARK ROCK HIGGINS knows that the deck is stacked against MARK ROCK HIGGINS when it comes to the truth, so MARK ROCK HIGGINS resorts to threats and domestic terrorism. MARK ROCK HIGGINS has spent at least 75 man hours of the time of the Government of The United States of America which will result in a claim against MARK ROCK HIGGINS in the form of a Bill once presented to the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.

Further, MARK ROCK HIGGINS has spent many hours on FaceBook spewing false claims in the form of lies, slander, twisting the truth to make MARK ROCK HIGGINS appear as a victim and which most lies, slander and false claims are on record. 

Once the threats of violence occurred, MARK ROCK HIGGINS lost any form of claim that existed in MARK ROCK HIGGINS head due to a pattern of violating contracts that MARK ROCK HIGGINS signs. LINK

A lack of affidavit and placing MARK ROCK HIGGINS word on the line in the form of an oath and on record tells the whole story to everyone that reads this International Public Notice. 

It is highly recommended that MARK ROCK HIGGINS seek some sort of counseling because there is a history of violence in previous marriages and events and there is more going on here other than claiming a Nationality or an Internal Revenue Service payment agreement.

MARK ROCK HIGGINS received a full refund in Continental Dollars on May 8th, 2019 in an effort to settle the issue and was not an admission of guilt for any wrong doing on the part of the Government of The United States of America. However, that settlement resulted in threats and more threats.  

MARK ROCK HIGGINS likes to use the private email system to attempt to intimidate MARK ROCK HIGGINS victims, however when exposed out in the open, MARK ROCK HIGGINS waits until the coast is clear to start the private abuse again. MARK ROCK HIGGINS is in desperate need of help and the Public at large is hereby warned about MARK ROCK HIGGINS and what you may encounter if approached. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 


UPDATE: The Government of The United States of America was told that MARK ROCK HIGGINS was in a car wreck which is why he did not contact the office of the registrar for so long, this is what really happened during that time period: https://bustednewspaper.com/az-maricopa-mark-rock-higgins-2018-06-11/#prettyPhoto

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