Open letter to the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from the National Government of the State of Massachusetts-Bay!




This particular case took quite a while to clear up and the probation officers began to make up charges to put Shannon Reckner back in jail. This case was about a woman that was convicted of kidnapping her son while at the same time had legal custody of her son. Link!

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts had a ankle bracelet on this woman thereby not allowing her to go back home to New York. She had to stay in hotels for almost a year. They doctored records to keep jurisdiction and a host of other crimes to say the least.

Shannon Reckner is a signatory to the New National Government of the State of Massachusetts-Bay. When that fact was published:Link!, things started clearing up and the ankle bracelet was removed, here was Shannon Reckner’s report as to what happened the day of the hearing the day after her ankle bracelet was removed:

“So I showed up at the courthouse this morning and when I went to probation department the girl was pissed that they let me out on bail even though I showed up but so she said because I sent out the Declaration of Trespass, Theft and Trafficking, they said I violated probation’s no contact rule. So she says, well you need to go in and see the Judge and I’m gonna recommend that you go to jail today
and so with that we dropped off my documents with the clerk who said they would not accept them to file into the record and we left. Currently on the road…”

Keep in mind that whenever the Stock Market securities are threatened or cannot sell under a Warrant put, they always refuse filings, everything was recognized to a point of saying she was innocent of all charges and convictions and removed the ankle bracelet and they were extremely kind to her thereby treating her like a Government official. However, they needed Shannon Reckner to volunteer to show up to court due to the political decisions that had already been published under international law and the Law of Nations.

Those people that know how Catholics are knew that they like to play nice to catch you off guard so the following letter was dropped off at the clerks window and Shannon Reckner went on her way to freedom.

So this letter went to the Attorney General of their state within the State and the rest is history: Link!

To: Maura Healey
1 Ashburton Pl, Boston, MA 02108

Dear Maura Healey,

My name is Christopher Doherty, holding the office of the Governor for the National Government of the State of Massachusetts-Bay interim.

There is a matter that has occurred yesterday 08-15-2018 that is of concern. Shannon Reckner was setup to fail in her terms of probation that she intended to finish her time and move on.

Here is the issue of grave concern. Shannon Reckner is no longer considered a U.S. citizen. She has the status of non-citizen, non-resident alien to the United States of America.

Her reasons are obvious because of how she has been treated by the U.S. Commonwealth of Massachusetts installed after the Civil War. Its Security Division has not canceled any foreign securities in her case regardless of ample evidence of her political decisions.

We know that the judicial system is broken under Pope Francis. We also know that the government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a Catholic government formed for Catholics. Shannon Reckner is not a Catholic, however the Catholics intend on attempting to force Shannon Reckner to serve Pope Francis even though his reputation is less than stellar as of late.

The National Government of the State of Massachusetts-Bay is not in need of your endorsement or recognition. It does not need your credit nor services. The Law of Nations stands alone. We are talking about the book the Law of Nations not the Laws of a Nation.

At this moment, we have multiple human rights violations against Pope Francis based on the actions of his followers on 08-15-2018. Further, we have violations of Chapter 12 of the Law of Nations against Pope Francis of which his office is a subject.

The National Government of the State of Massachusetts-Bay has nothing but time to wait out the Illuminist-Socialist-Communist that have set up a socialist system in the government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts because it will destroy itself in a very short period of time. Its debt is enormous and will fail.

However, that does not mean that Pope Francis is not going to be held liable for War Crimes, human rights violations, and violations of the Law of Nations on his way to his own destruction caused by his destructive behavior.

Shannon Reckner is under oath to another Government. Shannon Reckner will never serve your master and never be what your master likes to call “rehabilitated” and return as a U.S. citizen to serve his Empire. This means Pope Francis is now torturing Shannon Reckner maliciously under international law.

This National Government will take the proper steps to convict Pope Francis of multiple crimes every time his Catholic subjects step out of their boundaries. We will no longer attempt to charge the subjects of a foreign Monarch; the foreign Monarch has made his intentions very clear that he intends on continuing to attack America to subdue it to his will wherein he will not succeed.

The National Government of the State of Massachusetts-Bay is going to ask nicely; would you please release Shannon Reckner and cancel all foreign instruments and securities against her person from your Securities Division so she can resume her duties and responsibilities as Secretary of State interim? If this happens, we move on like nothing happened. However, Pope Francis is a different story.

Kind Regards,

Office of the Governor for the National Government of the State of Massachusetts-Bay,

Chris Doherty

The War Crimes happening in Europe using so-called immigrants are actually foreign Militants being commanded by Pope Francis to attack civilians. Military attacking civilians is the definition of War Crimes in its most basic form.

In America, civilians are being attacked under the cover of religion through the courts (501c3). The Securities Market are creating cases against non Catholics, using its law against non-Catholics under the command of Pope Francis to fund the war through the Securities Market and use those funds to takeover Europe.

All of these claims have been connected either directly or indirectly in this ongoing investigation and prosecution against Pope Francis under the Law of Nations where no leader of any country can claim sovereign immunity. All Catholic organizations are suspect and anything they do to attack non-Catholics are being recorded as evidence against Pope Francis, under religious, political, multiple human rights violations, chapter 12 of the Law of Nations, War Crimes, international trespass with intent to do harm and a host of other crimes to numerous to publish in this International Public Notice publication of record.