Published on 06-21-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


A Fraternal Order of Police, River City Lodge #614, President Dave Mutchler made some startling confessions in an open letter to the public on June 19th, 2015. The news is trying to tone it down saying that the letter is addressed to criminals only, however, there has to be some lawyers holding their breath hoping that no one figures out what is actually being said in the letter.  The lawyers can breath now.

The open letter is here for download: LINK

Here is a report on the letter: LINK

First of all, “Fraternal Order of Police” (FOP) subordinate lodges may be trade unions and/or Fraternal Organizations, as the FOP has both Labor Lodges & Fraternal Lodges and describes itself as a “full service member representation organization”.

It is an organization that supports police. It is private and has nothing to do with any form of government.

The contents of the letter gives the whole world a unique insight into the minds of the police in America and how they really think. The sad part is that the FOP does not have a clue what the letter really says to the world.

Here are just a few confessions:

This is a quote to criminals: “No matter how weak our criminal justice system, we will hunt you down again and again until they put you away or you go away.”

This foregoing statement disqualified all FOP members as witnesses in crimes and that all investigation material is tainted for the rest of the life of the FOP.  “You go away” is also a well known death threat. Further, it shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the police are running the courts. When the police run the courts, it is called a “Police State”.

This is also a quote to criminals: “No matter how weak our policies, we will find a way to make you understand that Louisville isn’t where you want to live.”

This foregoing statement says that the police arbitrarily make decisions everyday by picking and choosing who lives in a particular city and where people live. The police have apparently appointed themselves judge, jury and executioner and therefore no need for any kind of separation of branches of government. The Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of State government need not come into work anymore because the FOP has is covered.

This is a quote to the sensationalists, liars and race baiters: “From now on we will call you out each and every time you tell a lie, twist the truth or otherwise engage in vile behavior meant to push your selfish agendas. If your behavior or untruths cause harm to us or the public, we will make every attempt to have you investigated, charged and prosecuted at local, state or federal level.”

This foregoing statement says that the police run the show.

1: Isn’t it up to the prosecutor to decide who gets prosecuted?

2: Isn’t it up to the courts to decide if a case goes to trial?

Police are deciding as to whether something is a lie or sensationalized. The police are “calling you out”, and calling you out is a threat of a fight and a declaration of war. It is the same term used in high school when there is a challenge to a fight. In the old days they would call that a duel.

This is a quote to the sensationalists, liars and race baiters: “As police are dis empowered, the predominately minority areas of cities, including Louisville, are suffering at the hands of criminals and violent criminals.”

This foregoing statement is a political statement to advocate for dictatorial control with the excuse of “public safety”. The claim is a democracy dis empowers the police and the people suffer for it. So the FOP wants more power to take care of the problems. According to the FOP, we all need to do away with the law, and trust that the FOP will solve all social problems. If they can’t, the police will find a way to make you understand.

Now, with these foregoing statements and many more in the letter, it is no longer a conspiracy, it is a fact that there is a very large “Police State” in America to the tune of 325,000 members. Maybe now the rest of the world will believe it.

The FOP has been running the courts for a long time in America. The evidence is clear when there are more people sitting in private prisons in America then anywhere else in the world combined. Thank you President Dave Mutchler for telling the truth, and you are right, the truth always shine through.

The attorney’s will try to isolate this particular letter from the FOP chapter using what is called “compartmentalization” to attempt to recover from one of the biggest confessions in the past 50 years. The truth is that everyone already knows that police are trained to think totalitarian, especially those people that are beaten and killed for no reason whatsoever on a daily basis. It is all over youtube everyday. Totalitarian thinking is the problem, and a president of an FOP chapter dictating the rules of the conduct of a society is nothing new. The real question is, how long is the American Society going to take the abuses of a totalitarian dictator police state before a revolution begins?

The Human Rights defenders have found many human rights violations in the State statutes, especially how they are written, the vagueness of the statutes, and many other factors. The Human Rights Defenders are willing to assist in relieving these human rights violations at anytime.