Notice to all courts and lawyers as it pertains to the use of a psychological evaluation!



The use of the psychological evaluation as a go to tactic when a defendant will not stop defending their persons is the same as torture in all of its forms. 

If the lawyers and attorney’s can’t win a case, a psychological evaluation is where they all go which is nothing more then a Communist move done by all communists in the history of communism. 

In other words, communism has been outlawed in this country for a very long time. If there is one more report that a psychological evaluation has been ordered by one more judge when motioned by any psychiatrists or attorney in any court, all associations associated with any of the actors in the court will be under arrest for practicing communism under the proper acts and laws that pertain to communism. Private associations lose immunity when engaged in nefarious acts and practicing a craft that has been outlawed qualifies as nefarious. 

Further, if any officer does not understand what someone is saying or claiming, this does not mean they are sovereign citizens. When you say these things, you sound stupid and like a communist because the term was created by a communist organization called Southern Poverty Law Center.

If we hear reports wherein officers claim sovereign citizen status for someone, the badge will be under arrest for practicing communism and the badge will be tried and if found guilty, will be fined wherein a damages claim will be placed against said badge and not released until damages have been paid.

Everyone is sick and tired of attorney’s, judges and police ruining the lives of the inhabitants and the totalitarian tactics because those three classes do not agree with the political views of inhabitants.

Everyone is sick and tired of the political views of police, attorney’s and judges hijacking the judicial departments and enforcing their political views on everyone else. These tactics are getting old and more and more difficult to live with everyday. The sorry excuse of blaming the legislatures is absent any validity because unlawful orders do not need to be followed. Just ask those what happened to them when they followed unlawful orders in the Nuremberg trials.

Further, there were Sheriff’s that claimed in the Virginia protest on 01-20-2020 that they will not follow un-constitutional orders, so everyone knows you all have a choice in what you do. Too late to take it back and pass the buck to another branch. 

If the judges, attorney’s and police worked on removing all communism from the States of the Union, what a paradise this country would be within 6 months. Real criminals would be in jail and the honest people would have peace. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.