New Orange County Ordinance is a trespass on natural law!



                                                     INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

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Orange county, Florida was never granted jurisdiction upon the natural law by and between private parties to a private sale of property.

Once again, these socialist and communist municipalities are attempting to create a classification of “assault weapons” in commerce within the natural law by and between the manufacturer and the retailer and extending it to private parties wherein a grant was never offered and never accepted by the socialist and communist parties within the municipalities.

The foreign socialist and communist parties that further advocated for the county and city combined into a metropolitan thereby claiming a popular vote to create these abominations are moving further with their blatant trespasses upon the natural law by and between the people without consent.

For without the consent classifies all municipality ordinances under the condition of metropolitan organization international tresspasses everyday that they are published and enforced.

Therefore, all regulation of natural law by and between parties not within the social compact of a municipality is hereby internationally classified as international trespass against the natural law which is further classified as the most heinous crime in international law.

The rights and duties of the people to resist a trespass on natural law are authorized not to obey ordinances of these types published by the socialist and communist parties irregardless of United Nations resolutions and foreign proclamations and edicts.