More corrections of the record that have to be published because of the Anna Von Reitz flawed claims and research!


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International Public Notice

It appears we are down to a couple of  issues that needs to be addressed on these claims made by Anna Von Reitz.

The Government of The United States of America knows that Anna Von Reitz (Anna) does not have any standing to make these claims she has been making. However, it is a good thing to clear up lies and slander in an effort to quash fears and contention.

First: There are no international trespasses when using the Continental Dollar. There have been trespasses in the past by Liberty Dollar that was using symbols of the Manhattan Island United States private company logos and symbols. This brings us to this one point that everyone gets confused over. The United States of America and the United States are completely foreign to each other on the International level.

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Quotes By Anna Von Reitz in black, responses in red lettering.

There is just so much about it.

A name is NOT the “same as” the man or the thing it labels.

Think about it. You “accept” the idea that your name is yours, like a bicycle or a chest of drawers— but is it?

What if your name is John Robert Brown. Is it possible and even likely that there are numerous John Robert Browns in the world?

What if your name is The United States of America? It is just a name, folks. Like John Robert Brown.

Anna Von Reitz does everything she can do to write as if people are too stupid to understand something. She speaks as if she is everyone’s grandmother as if we all need another Grandmother. The analogy has nothing to do with what she is getting ready to say which is nothing more than lies and slander. Anna needs a lot of education on her analogies and perceptions because she does not understand the differences in entities that make all of the difference in the world.  

So now you’ve got a bunch of whack jobs claiming to be “The United States of America”—- their version of “The United States of America” anyway.

“The United States of America” was the name of an association of states a long time ago. It was created by a charter called The Articles of Confederation. A charter is a contractual agreement.

So now people claiming a Nationality, return to honor and exercise their right of self determination are considered “whack jobs”. The bottom line is that Anna Von Reitz is completely wrong on her version of history. Believe it or not, there are people in this world that can see right through her style of writing and how similar it is to how speeches are made by the Democratic Party. She has been spewing all of these theories with no links to her claims un opposed for about two years, nothing backing what she is saying, no research of her own. Anna gets her research from others and then tries to dumb it down so others can try to digest something that does not make any sense. Then she takes all of the credit and those that do not know any better think she is brilliant when in fact Anna is not. It is very apparent that Anna does not believe in the right of self determination or basic human rights nor understands anything about the Law of Nations.

This particular contract was destroyed when the Southern states left the Union created by that agreement. Why?

The original Union was perpetual, however the southern States had every right to return to the Union and away from the Dutch New union Illegally formed in 1787. The States were confused about the fake union and the real Union under The United States of America and acted out of ignorance. The ignorance is proven in the next couple of sentences written by Anna. 

Because a contract has to be consensual and it cannot be maintained by force.

This is one of the most fundamental of all laws— The Law of Free Will.

The Union States attempted to force the Southern states to return by military victory, but the original Southern states never agreed, never succumbed.

There is no peace treaty in existence ending the American Civil War.

I have looked long and hard and so have many, many others. All of you are welcome to look for yourselves.

The North claimed victory. “Peace” was declared— by President Johnson, at least for the land jurisdiction. But there is no Peace Treaty. Not then. Not now. There is no return on record of the original states ever mending the breach that happened in 1860.

Instead, the bankruptcy trustees in charge of the Union states made up new “states” and pretended that all was well. They created “states of states” corporations named after the original states and drummed up a new corporate constitution and except for the insiders nobody was the wiser.

That same jury-rigged system of using corporations to “represent” our lawful government— but not be our lawful government– has carried on to this day.

It was to their financial advantage to do this in 1865 and the perps gain from continuing this practice, but the truth will out.

“The United States of America” fronted in 1868 wasn’t our lawful government then at the end of the hostilities and isn’t now.

Actually it was because they were talking about the original The United States of America and no one realized that the constitution of the United States did not replace the Articles of Confederation of 1781 nor did it replace the original Union. All of the original States and the new States being formed were still within the original Union and did not know it accept for the Dutch. All crimes being committed by the Dutch were being blamed on The United States of America which is what the Dutch do. The Dutch always commit a crime and blame someone else for it. South Carolina reacted out of ignorance and so did the southern States which the authority of The United States of America switched over to the criminals causing the confusion. 

And you don’t need to take my word for it. Look for any Peace Treaty ending the American Civil War. Send me a copy when you find such a unicorn, for I am prepared to declare that it does not exist.

This is because the people stopped taking oaths and affirmations to the States and left the original Union abandoned and also abandoned The United States of America. When people are in dishonor of their own country, there can never be peace. Peace is the greatest threat to the Dutch because peace closes the credit windows and exposes their fraudulent claims to assets that were stolen during the civil war.

Show me any part of Law that condones non-consensual contracts. Or for that matter, assures any contract in perpetuity?

Write to the Congressional Research Service and ask— “Have the Reconstruction Acts ever been repealed? Are they still in effect?”

Do your own due diligence and see what you shall see all by yourselves. No need to fight over who or what or where I am or anything at all about all the labels certain self-interested groups have tried to use on me. Just look these things up for yourselves and let your own research inform you.

Anna Von Reitz knows nothing about chain of title as seen from underwriters of title companies. Once again, no one claimed a made up “The United States of America” in 1868 if it even exists. The 1907 bankruptcy happened to the United States, not The United States of America that was abandoned at the time by the people. 

Once again, Anna complains about something that the Government of The United States of America has already fixed yet she refuses to take an oath or affirmation to her country. Why?, because she has already taken a blood oath to the Vatican and works everyday to help those efforts to establish a world communist government along with those in the United States. A Communist constantly rallies the people to violence, revolution, division, and murder like a bunch of whack jobs. They also speak to people like they are children and dumb down everything in their propaganda, lies and slander. They also try to become everyone’s mother and father as if to get the people to believe they need another mother and father.  Communists want the State to be your parents and therefore constantly invade everyone’s privacy. Their assertions are never proven. 

There has only been one “The United States of America” and there will always be one “The United States of America” established by the people that had the authority to establish a country in 1781. The United States of America is the name of this country, not the United States.

The Confederate States of America was completely illegal to form and this Government in no way condones the Confederate States of America. The Confederate States of America did not have the authority to leave the original Union of 1781 although they did have the authority to return to it. This makes us wonder why Anna continues to claim that anything done by the Southern States was valid or had any standing. The slavery of the United States created in 1789 succeeded from the charter of the patroons by the Dutch on Manhattan Island never had any standing and never will outside of Manhattan Island and the District of Columbia.

The Reconstruction Acts were established by the Dutch under a new pledge of allegiance to their company flag. It never had any authority so it is removed from chain of title of The United States of America. The Dutch also stole a bunch of deeds from every State of the Union during their civil war and the land owners had to take a pledge of allegiance to the company flag to have their land returned thereby abandoning their original Union and The United States of America.

The reason for “No Peace” is because of the World Communist Government that the Dutch are trying to put in place through the Tarsus Club run world commerce and control almost all of the ports in the world. The Civil War has been resolved through the Government of The United States of America because this Government is holding all of the metes and bounds of every State of the Union waiting for people to take their oath or affirmation to The United States of America and then move towards elections. The metes and bounds of all of the States are being held in trust from the time they were removed from the State constitutions by the illegal U.S. dutch states. All of this was being done when everyone else was trying to create a republic out of the 1789 company started in 1787 that belongs to the Dutch being held by the Bank of New York Mellon.

A lot more has been accomplished and too much to write here. People that stick around and hang out for a while get it after about 4 months of listening.

It appears that Anna Von Reitz is running out of things to say about this Government so we need to move forward with the Continental Dollar and change our lives for the better instead of what has been decided for us by this World Communist Government.

Once again, we would like to thank Anna Von Reitz for her rants because it has given the Government of The United States of America the opportunity to overcome mis-understanding and inform the people.