Monopolies through the systematic use of Commercial Discrimination in America!


Published on 06-09-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

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There are certain types of discrimination that people suffer on a daily basis. When most people think of discrimination they think of an individuals race. However, there is a more sinister type of discrimination that is happening in America that has catastrophic results.

The revolutionary war in 1776 started because of commercial discrimination. The Dutch and English east India trading companies were receiving preferential treatment against its competition in the tea industry.

Commercial discrimination policy in the States are a complete joke. Here is an example:

“Pursuant to State Finance & Procurement Article, §19-101, Annotated Code of Maryland, the commercial non-discrimination policy is a State policy which mandates that the State shall not to enter into a contract with any business entity that has discriminated in the solicitation, selection, hiring, or commercial treatment of vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, or commercial customers on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry or national origin, gender/sex, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or marital status, or any otherwise unlawful use of characteristics regarding the vendor’s, supplier’s, or commercial customer’s employees or owners.”   Source: LINK

The reason why it is a joke is because the policy comes from a monopoly that has legalized monopolies by not mentioning the fact that commercial discrimination is all about stamping out monopolies and has nothing to do with the subject matter of the quote above. Therefore, the policy does the exact opposite by perpetuating monopolies.

America was founded on equal opportunity for trade and commerce. The innovators of their time prospered because they had an equal opportunity to create a product and then sell the product to would be buyers.

Today, many have to have a number and a mark to buy or sell. The mark is defined as: If you do not think a certain way or believe a certain way, all resources of the earth are hoarded from your industry.

Today, the war on terrorism is all about disguising commercial discrimination. Commercial Discrimination is all about protecting a certain group of people and their interests at the expense of others. 

Recent examples of Commercial Discrimination:

1: The deliberate withholding of non-profit entity numbers from the Tea Party. 

2: The deliberate taking of intangible property or renting the intangible property right to a home or commercial establishment and not selling the home or commercial property itself.

3: The deliberate act of requiring traffic ticket quotas.

4: The Affordable Care Act.

5: Any Executive Order  has been used as a form of Commercial Discrimination because the order itself is not for the purpose of breaking up a monopoly. Its nature is to take from one industry and give it to another industry through force and intimidation. The original intent of the Executive Order was to break up monopolies if the courts failed to act.

6: The Emergency Education Act created a monopoly for the colleges where if someone does not have a degree from one of those organizations, they cannot get a job, even though it has been proven over and over that people without college degrees are consistently more successful than those that have a degree.

Through the constant use of Commercial Discrimination, America has become a political and commercial cult wherein if a certain perception is revealed about a certain industry, the industry  is attacked and support is taken from that industry until it falls back in line with the cult leaders edicts and personal beliefs.

The basic laws of a country are ignored by monopolies because those monopolies use the basics that people need to survive against them to manipulate an even larger monopoly over smaller industries. 

On average, small businesses go into massive debt before the doors even open. This is done through commercial discrimination by larger companies that continually use their monopolies to remind the people on a daily basis that their monopoly exists and “What are you going to do about it?”. The few overzealous and power hungry individuals have setup their own private dictatorships on the local, state and federal levels and not one Executive Order has been written to stop it. Without the order, the Military is useless to stop it even if they wanted to stop it.

Regardless of who is involved in the commercial discrimination, LINK, the real problem is that the country has lost itself and its foundation when it was created because the people today have not even heard the words: “Commercial Discrimination” in their lifetimes and therefore Commercial Discrimination has been able to thrive more now than ever.

Like was written in the first paragraph of this article, people affiliate the word discrimination with race and not industry. To give people a perspective of the words Commercial Discrimination, those two words in commercial jurisdiction are worse than war crimes or human rights violations because the result is genocide and the legal world knows about it and helps perpetuate the practice of Commercial Discrimination.

The United Nations was created to stop Commercial Discrimination; however, the result has been the perpetuation of the discipline of Commercial Discrimination because of its Commercial Discrimination against the existence nation-states and National Governments.