Message from the Treasurer for the Government of The United States of America


Published on 11-28-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

Hello everyone, I am Juan Antonio Ceniceros, and hold the office of the Treasury for the Government of The United States of America. This office is not connected in any way to the Treasurer of the United States – Rosa Gumataotao Rios, the United States, Washington D.C., or Manhattan Island.

There are some rumors starting to circulate that is obviously scaring some people. We don’t know how these rumors have started, specifically that this currency is backed by gold. The important thing to remember and notice is that the Continental Dollar has “National Currency” noted on the currency itself.

That is what is scaring the global communist regime. The “National Currency” wording has them scared and people are finally waking up. That is why these rumors and attacks have started. Also, someone has claimed that these are “fakes”. This judgment is based solely on viewing the images in the newspaper and no other investigation by these people have been made. Are you even a qualified forensics currency investigator to make these claims or are you part of that global communist regime that is trying to take what is rightfully for the people and you want to keep everyone enslaved.

The attacks keep coming, such as the “rainbow currency” as if to imply that it is associated with some rainbow organization.

Since when does the IMF declare what is real and what is not real? They are the same people enslaving everyone under their communist regime.  The term “National Currency” is a direct threat to their plans of a world government. It is going to take the people to make sure that a world government does not happen.

Further, the National currency is here now and no one knows whether or not Donald  Trump is going to go back to a national currency.

The Continental Dollar is the peoples National Currency. We have to start with National currency and legal tender, then we move towards gold and silver when the country is secure. There is too much crime in this country to trust that gold and silver will not cause attacks and murders on the streets at this point in time. At this point, the communist regime is already murdering police on a daily basis, why would anyone in their right mind put gold and silver on the streets when the communist party would steal all of it for their own self serving causes? 

The Continental Dollar “National currency” is the first step folks. One step at a time and we can all make this happen for the next generation.