List of human rights violations against Eastland County Prison in Eastland, Texas Trustee/Director: Lynn Brownlee!



The following list of human rights violations exist in just one privately owned detention center located at East land County Prison in East land, Texas. The private detention was allowed to exist through the Bar Treaty of 1947 wherein the United Nations states were created within the States of the Union implemented by the totalitarian party. The Bar Treaty created an environment of forced privatization by the totalitarian party to hide human rights violations from the public. LINK

There are 20 more human rights violations coming from within the same detention center wherein these conditions are forced on all detainees on a daily basis. 

This case is about back child support payments and the fact that the mother would not uphold her side of the visitation agreement. 

Warning: This could happen to you if you marry or have a child with a woman from the U.S. Think real hard before making this move gentlemen.

The following could happen to you if you do marry or get a woman from the U.S. pregnant: 

1: She could murder your child and call it an abortion. 

2: She could marry you with intent to divorce and extract money for child support and alimony. 

3: Or have you placed in jail and have you tortured for months at a time and place you in debt for life. Please consider a foreign woman that do not do these things to men or are not at war with men. 

4: Not even Donald Trump has ever married a woman from the U.S. 

The following list could happen to you: 

Complete list of Human Rights Violations
From Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee
as of August 6th, 2019
Human Rights Violations happened between
End of April 2019 thru August 5th, 2019
Human Rights Tribunal
Article 8
Forced Privatization
$80,000 per violation
Place: Eastland County Prison in Eastland, Texas
Trustee/Director: Lynn Brownlee
Now shown will be Human Rights Violations written, hereafter (HRV), and filed in Eastland County District Court on the civil side under a new case number.
HRV 1 thru 10 become due on 9/4/2019

#1) HRV against Lynn Brownlee for threatening to strip search Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee if he did not answer questions when Graham first arrived at the private Eastland County Jail. Used for pain compliance by handcuffing into a room.

#2) HRV for allowing notary services denied due not being a member of the staff.

#3) HRV for allowing Sherrie Gallagher, Psychologist or Psychiatrist, to offer pain compliance of threatening to force Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee into a State hospital.

#4) HRV for shackling and fettering Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee to take to court using humiliating tactics to force compliance.

#5) HRV for allowing shackling and fettering again for another trip to court, back and forth most of the day. Then at the end of the day Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee was assigned to a cell to be made to sit on a cold hard block. Suffered humiliation and pain compliance.

#6) HRV for allowing shackling and fettering yet another day to the private Erath County court.

#7) HRV for allowing shackling and fettering another day for going to a private Misdemeanor court.

#8) HRV for allowing shackling and fettering another day to a different private county court, which was the private Eastland County court.

#9) HRV allowing demanding from jail personnel to make Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee scrub a jail wall.

#10) HRV allowing prison personnel to bring purchase from commissary by Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee, and to Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee announcing out loud his business to everyone, and then cursing him with a specific name.
HRV 11 thru 20 become due on 9/7/2019

#11) HRV allowing only one change of towel and one change of clothes every seven days. This limits desire to exercise which would produce more odor.

#12) HRV allowing jail personnel telling prisoners that if they do not put food trays back in proper place or order they will not get served food anymore. Also, allowing jail personnel to talk rude and disparaging to prisoners on a routine basis.

#13) HRV allowing jail personnel to grab Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee without warning, and pull him toward a guard with no provocation or need, as it seems to be a regular process that it is done.

#14) HRV allowing prisoners do get partial sunlight for 3 hours per seven days. A ‘Trustee’ that will work for the system gets more sunlight and more privileges.

#15) HRV allowing razors for shaving to be given twice per seven day week. As a matter of sanitation issues you can see water stains occasionally on the razors as if they had been used before.

#16) HRV allowing food trays to be only partially filled on a regular practice. There are five sections per tray, and sometimes one or two sections are empty. Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee and other inmates complain after each meal they still feel hungry.

#17) HRV allowing fingernail clippers to degrade to uselessness.

#18) HRV allowing Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee to be taken to a private court, and attempted force by Bailiff of said private court to take a BAR attorney. The names Justin Mike, and Candice came to Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee later at the private county jail of Eastland to try to enforce me to fill in data for force compliance to get a BAR attorney.

#19) HRV making me homeless and at poverty level as Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee was not able to be in his own home, with the ability to make money. This has also caused damage to relationships in his community the Trustee had worked hard to establish.

#20) HRV allowing experience of frigid temperatures at certain times in the private county jail of Eastland, Texas. The Trustee experienced hypothermic symptoms as in one arm began to get numb. Jail personnel denied extra blankets to Trustee with nasty attitude.
HRV 21 thru 30 become due on 9/9/2019

#21) HRV allowing private prison personnel to practice law without a license. Private communication between Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee and his father was deemed to be legal in nature and not allowed. This helped delay actions on my behalf for due process.

#22) HRV allowing beds, and mattresses and actual beds to wear out in a way that can irritate skin already causing a health issue making it worse.

#23) HRV allowing a jail personnel named Lisa to come into a private area of dressing or showering with no male support to incite un-peaceful language over bed sheets that helped keep light out of Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee’s eyes so sleep could begin. Taking that sheet returned the Trustee to irritating sun light in eyes to cause sleep deprivation.
Human Rights Violation against Wendell Light in his personal capacity

#24) HRV allowing private corporate personnel called Deputy or Police allowing entrance into Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee’s home with no warrant, but stated in was in good faith. Wendell Light kicked the front door of house to the point of entry. The Trustee did not give permission to enter his home. There has been damage to property caused by this using unauthorized force. This includes a separate count.

#24b) HRV for endangering Trustee’s son. Wendell Light was a foreign officer acting in a public capacity. The Trustee’s son reached out to the Trustee for help and security.

#25) HRV by Wendell Light for the act of man stealing. Wendell Light used handcuffs as a restraint to transport the Trustee, Graham Bradford Lascsak to another location of a private nature to Eastland County Jail for some sort of processing.

#25.5) HRV by Wendell Light for kidnapping the successor to the Trustee, Graham Bradford Lascsak, even after the successor, Lucasey Lascsak told Wendell Light his desire to stay with the Trustee.
Human Rights Violation against Steven Herod in personal capacity

#26) HRV using act of cruel and unusual punishment by identifying Trustee, Graham Bradford Lascsak as Pro Se in the attempt to secure jurisdiction. This is also forced privatization into a private membership association that Steve Herod represents. Private Court Transcripts show forced association.

#27) HRV by Steve Herod in his personal capacity to allow cruel and unusual punishment through Rex Fields in his personal capacity to try to force Trustee, Graham Bradford Lascsak, into association through unlawful detention and arrest. A particular document was notarized by Kathy Jenthro showing explanation of rights without a BAR attorney. The person Rex Fields in his personal capacity marked the document refused to sign, as the Trustee did not sign. Under shackle and fetter, Rex Field in his personal capacity yelled you have three choices. It was called obstruction of justice by making it difficult to obtain transcript

#28) HRV against Steve Herod in his personal capacity for cruel and unusual punishment for retaliation of an Alien Tort Claim filed in the Civil side of Eastland County District Court. Also to allow Sherrie Gallagher to evaluate Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee to deny him access to due process. Collusion was involved with both Steven Herod and Sherrie Gallagher in their personal capacity to make this happen.

#29) HRV from Steve Herod in his personal capacity in aiding and abetting in allowing Wendell Light, acting in the capacity of a county deputy. This act allowed Wendell White to trespass and cause damage to the property of Trustee Graham Bradford Lascsak’s home. There was no due process and this action is not defined by any standard.

Place: Erath County District Court
filed on civil side under a new case number

#30) HRV against Hannah Bell, closed union Bar Attorney, for violating due process she in her personal capacity slandered the Trustee, Graham Bradford Lascsak. She obtained false testimony from Wendell Light giving false accusations on a record. She used Wendell Light to make his opinion, then telling the court later he was no expert when Graham Bradford Lascsak tried to ask Wendell Light a question. This was using Gas Lighting as a form of a communist technique used from technique # 38 and 39.
Human Rights Violation against Wendell Light in his personal capacity
HRV 31 to 37 become due on 9/12/2019

#31) HRV for limitation to no due process in his personal capacity.Wendell Light slandered the Trustee, Graham Bradford Lascsak with unfounded accusations about the Trustee’s ability to be a good father.
Human Rights Violation against Robbie Rudder in his personal capacity.

#32) HRV for aggravated assault. While the Trustee was shackled and fettered. The Trustee not in private association did not stand, but was made to by Robbie Rudder with observation of gun for force if needed.
Human Rights Violation against Jason Cashion in personal capacity

#33) HRV for cruel and unusual punishment, malicious prosecution, failure to honorable recuse himself from overseeing any case against Graham Bradford Lascsak, Trustee, as they knew one another growing up. This act was not limited to one day, but many days in process.

#34) HRV against Jason Cashion in his personal capacity for forced treatment and evaluation.

#35) HRV against Jason Cashion in his personal capacity for cruel and unusual punishment. There was a lack of due process where the Trustee filed for a continuance at a later date and was denied. This added burden to the Trustee overall.

#36) HRV against Jason Cashion in his personal capacity for cruel and unusual punishment making remarks from the private bench about statements the Trustee made calling it ‘A Circus”, and on the record told the Trustee he was a “Sovereign Citizen”, thus issuing a death threat to the Trustee.

#37) HRV against Jason Cashion in his personal capacity for cruel and unusual punishment. Had Trustee shackled and fettered to make Trustee enter Jason Cashion’s private court.

Imagine what is happening in the detention centers that are being hidden from the public.

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government for The United States of America.