Jason C. Cashon of the state of Texas is a full fledged communist and human rights violator!



Once again, someone in the state of Texas is as stupid as we believe they are whereas they still use the term “right quick” as an official language. Jason C. Cashon, self proclaimed judge seems to never understand the basics of the Law of Nations.  LINK

The private fight between Jason and Graham is on going and Jason keeps racking up the human rights violations on his person. 

Jason is at a high school level of knowledge when it comes to the law. He has hated Graham since they knew each other as teenagers. Jason is also vindictive because Graham tried to get Jason to recuse himself but Jason really hates Graham and loves to torture Graham on a daily basis. All torture claims are recorded and so are all human rights violations by Jason. 

We keep getting this same term from lawyers, judges and patriot groups alike. They all use the term “works”. They all say, did it work? We know this works, or that doesn’t work. It seems like there is a high school competition between the patriot crowd and the lawyers. So every court case is a competition. The situation is really that simple, it’s all high school in America’s courtrooms.   

The lawyers use force, torture and other tactics against the patriots to make sure what they do “does not work” and then go on television and boast how what the patriot did, “did not work” to show manufactured dominance to the public to secure their place in their British American union. 

Then a patriot does something to the lawyer and boasts that what they did in the court “worked”. 

So the lawyers  and judges think that everything that is done is a ploy, a competition and a game to win and the other side is trying to be left alone. 

We have spoken to domestic lawyers and their psychological maturity is barely out of high school and have no clue what the Law of Nations is and some think it means when nations write laws that its the Laws of Nations when it is really a book that teaches how to create nations.  

We sent a claim against the Texas legislature charging that no one has signed a social compact agreement and therefore the state legislature had no authority to write laws in the first place and that we were trying to fix the problem.

We tried to show them that they are treating inhabitants as slaves. They ignored the claim because they thought it was a ploy to get out of liability for something even though they never accept their own liability for their own mistakes.

We are assuming that none of them really understood what we were talking about or they realized what we were saying and tried to bury it  so no one would realize that they never saw that coming.

Either way, all office holders in the state of Texas were out smarted and lawyers hate it when they get caught not knowing something about their own craft or their craft is not adequate to handle a situation. 

Is Jason C. Cashon going to face human rights violations? Yes, no doubt. 

What Jason and many others do not realize is that people have a right of self determination. This right is acknowledged every where in the world for good reason. It is so human beings don’t kill each other. 

Jason still thinks that Graham is under the constitution of the United States and Jason does not know that when we are talking, it is not about any subject matter that Jason would understand.

We see Jason’s mistakes and stupidity, Jason does not which makes our job much easier. 

Jason, in our view is stateless, and the State of Texas that Jason ignorantly believes that he is a citizen does not really exist as a working State meaning it is a failed State without a permanent population and working government. The United States is under the same condition wherein all countries registered with the S.E.C. are failed States that become collection agents for the bankers. 

This is why the State of Texas is a trust territory of The United States of America and Jason will never understand why he has no say in the condition of the State of Texas at this time. 

Jason thinks we are trying to beat him like we are in some kind of high school competition when we are really trying to get away from Jason and people like Jason because from our point of view, Jason does not know enough about the law to place our judicial authority into his hands. You don’t give a 60 thousand dollar truck to a 16 year old boy and that is what has happened by giving Jason an office that allows him to wield power like a little boy would wield power.

We see this kind of behavior all over the country and we call it stupid because the behavior is way below an actual maturity level that is acceptable to run a country. 

It is frustrating because we all have to pay the price of a younger immature mind while its learns and makes stupid mistakes.  

We see the same high school maturity level in Washington D.C. so it is hard to completely blame Jason. Jason simply follows what he is use to seeing everyday. They have yet to outgrow someone like Francis or the city of London and notice their immature mistakes.

No one is perfect, however people that have that much power with that maturity level is very dangerous to have exist. 

However, Washington D.C. at this time is going to get a lot of human beings killed in the near future with this civil war brewing because someone is not mature enough to handle defeat. 

Jason may see his mistakes after his human rights violations are completely placed on his record and maybe then he will realize his multiple mistakes. 

The reality is simple, if people do not want to be communists like Jason, then we have an absolute right to go our separate ways.

This does not mean that when we go our separate ways, children like Jason can kidnap those that have gone their separate ways and claim to be able to decide their fate. That right only comes from a social compact Jason, not because you and a bunch of other thugs believe you know what the law is and have never read it. 

If the so-called office holders want to play government, fine, play in your fantasy world all you want and do what you want to those that will put up with you.

If someone wants to leave, you high school boys have no right to try to dominate others, that is called slavery, fascism and communism and eventually a revolution will start against those high school boys to tear down that communist wall. Please go and educate yourselves on the condition of North Korea and how people are shot trying to leave, that is you Jason, you do not see yourself that way yet, however you are trying to keep Graham as your slave and turn Graham into a communist like yourself. You are the guy that would pull the trigger if Graham tries to leave your failed state. 

In the real world, we listen to each other and if we do not see eye to eye, this does not mean one side is wrong or right, it means we are going our separate ways and wish each other well.

That is the spirit of the Law of Nations. Jason may understand this one day and many others because it is a level of maturity that most of us grow into at a later age in life.  

One last time, let Graham go, you two need to leave each other alone. Get your failed state out of his business because a declaration is absolute. 

If someone in the United States understands what we are talking about here, please go to Jason and explain to him what he is actually doing, not what he thinks he is doing.

The more Jason tortures Graham, the closer to a revolution we all will have to endure. We know in Jason’s hateful mind, he is probably wishing for a violent end to this conflict so he can murder Graham to show dominance when in reality he has condemned his own soul. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.