Is Birth-Right Citizenship Nothing More than Child and Human Trafficking?


Published on 11-24-2014 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

Interesting question with plenty of support to answer the question with a “Yes”.  There are a few countries in the world that still offer this status called: “Birth Right Citizenship” including the U.S. city-state. However, the U.S. city-state has not made up its mind about citizenship because it keeps changing its rules on a monthly basis. 


1: Birth Right Citizenship, especially how it is enforced in the U.S. city state states would definitely be considered child trafficking. The reports sent to the Human Rights Defenders on a weekly basis about forced birth certificates and basically not letting the mother and father leave the hospital without a Birth Certificate is definitely Child Trafficking.

2: The child is considered a citizen when born, therefore, not under the authority of the child’s mother and father, but under the jurisdiction as a subject and legally responsible for the obligations of citizenship upon the child’s first breath. That is a transfer of a child from one legal venue to another without the consent or knowledge of the mother and father and therefore is child trafficking.

3: Most adults do not realize they have been trafficked from cradle to grave and therefore cannot understand why they feel like something is wrong and most cannot figure out why.

4: Human Trafficking is a horrible condition in the world, most have to pay to leave their captors. The U.S. charges 3500.00 USD or more to leave the Birth Right Citizenship legalized trap when the ransom use to be 350.00 USD.  There are even strict rules to follow to get out of the encampment called laws which is extremely bold to enforce. The boldness of enforcement hides the crime and gives the appearance of legitimacy. The crime has become so normal that the people committing the crime have no idea it is a crime to traffic children. Most hospitals are religious organizations and enforce this crime everyday and get paid for it.

5: No one has connected the dots of Birth Right Citizenship and Child and Human Trafficking until now.

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