Introducing the new virtual Embassy of the Government of The United States of America!


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Introducing the new virtual Embassy of the Government of The United States of America! WEBSITE LINK

There are many groups out there that believe they have entered the “dejure” state and have removed themselves from a “defacto” corporation. In reality they have signed a piece of paper which is about it.

The reality is that when The United States of America was first formed, all foreigners were required to enter the country through The United States of America and thereby enter into one of the original sovereign states.

The way they stayed in those sovereign states was through oath or affirmation which separated them from their home country which is required through the doctrine of the set-apart spirit. Here is a copy of one of those rare books that have a record of that oath or affirmation and a list of those people that took the oath or affirmation: LINK

If the law of nations is broken or ignored, if the scriptures that spell out how to form a nation are ignored, no matter what people do they will not have standing. Like it or not, the Government of The United States of America is the only gateway to your original state and to its sovereignty.  Yes, all states were built the same way with a sovereign side to them carved out from the original 13 sovereign states. Today they are called the 50 States of the Union.

People can place all of the notices they want on websites and telephone poles, it does not matter. The international process was setup by the people that fought the revolutionary war of 1776, and there is nothing that can change that fact.

The people today were trafficked into Districts and their mothers signed the document called a birth certificate. We can’t change that fact. The only way back is through The United States of America and the Government that has been setup and established to accept and document people that wish to reclaim their inheritance. The constitution of the United States is not the way back to the original states and their sovereign status contrary to popular belief.

The Government of The United States of America website has the links to every part of the Government and its services and functions. Everything has been simplified and there are many people that have seen the light when it comes to this established process.

People that claim residency or a Nationality within The United States of America are not subject to the Government of The United States of America. They are free to go start assemblies and re-populate their states on its sovereign side of the state where the state constitution does matter and has standing. The rest of the processes that people dream up are not complete and therefore notwithstanding.

Wake up and claim your Nationality and have it documented by a real Government!

About Page of the Virtual Embassy website: LINK

This site is the official virtual embassy for the Government of The United States of America. Most if not all Government services are linked to this site or are on this site. The National assembly hopes that people that have had difficulty maneuvering through all of the Government sites will find this one to be more convenient.

Many large countries are moving towards virtual embassies. Virtual embassies serve the same function as an onsite embassy and cheaper to operate. A country never has to worry about their embassy being attacked and saves millions in security, staff and building maintenance.

This Government hopes that this site will serve the needs of American Nationals and others more efficiently and effectively.

The ambassador for this official virtual embassy is: Susan Kay Hanzlik

The ambassadors email is:

This virtual embassy adheres to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations ratified in the year nineteen hundred and sixty-one and subjects itself to international diplomatic protocols in its operating procedures and codes.

Thank you.