Introducing New Offices, Brands, Seals, Coins and Post Cards!





Introducing the new commercial General Post Office Brand:

General Pos Office logo


Introducing the new General Post Office post cards: (all images absent the private brand and logo are assumed to be in the public domain)

George Washington Carver Post Card

John Hanson Post Card

Roosevelt Post Card

Tesla post card



back of each post card


Introducing the new office of the Notary Presenter:

The International, National and Domestic Notary Presenter is with the Department of the Human Rights Defenders which is a Department of the office of the Secretary of State for The United States of America. The aforementioned office is for the purpose of fulfilling the international requirements of Article 9, 14 and 15 of the Convention on Political and Civil Rights in any type of International, National or Domestic case.


Introducing the new coin designs for the Continental Dollar:


End of International Public Notice 05-26-2015General Pos Office logo|George Washington Carver Post Card|John Hanson Post Card|Roosevelt Post Card|Tesla post card|back of each post card|Print

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