In the matter of a U.S. constitutional convention


Published on 04-26-2015 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

Dear Readers,

The American Nationals have been watching this Article V constitutional convention issue for a while. It has been going on for a long time and just when it reaches a point where it might happen. It is stopped. LINK

The following facts is what is not known by the U.S. states and will explain why the convention may never happen.

The U.S. states are not independent states at all. The states are still colonies under the Dutch Charter of the Patroons. Therefore, the states are not voting members of the U.S. constitution, an extension of the charter. The states are subjects (colonies) of the U.S. constitution meaning subject to it, not a voting party when the inhabitants started to except the International services of a Dutch Broker.

The voting parties are the descendants (oligarchy) of George Washington under the protection of the Dutch Brokers just like the monarchs are all under the protection of the Netherlands and its East India Trading Company being operated by the Tarsus Club.

There are no popular elections. Hilary Clinton is next in line to the office of the president. They may change their minds, but don’t be surprised if you see her taking an oath to run the company.

The Government of The United States of America does appreciate the recognition of the truth by some of the states. For that recognition and acknowledgment, the Government of The United States of America offers this in return:

1: The Articles of Confederation has been formed into a independent entity with all of the attributes of a qualified independent Nation.

2: The Confederation Party has completed the necessary steps to secure a Nationality and a full working Government. The Committee has adopted Article 9, 14 and 15 of the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights which lays out the international standards of due process to be confirmed by the assembly in less than 48 hours. LINK

3: The Declaration of Independence of 1776 did not have a legal chain of title until 2012 nor did it have a constitution or Government until 2012. Therefore the states did not inherit the Declaration of Independence of 1776 because of the broken chain of title and therefore remained colonies under Manhattan Island. The original 13 colonies did have independence for 8 years until George Washington, with the help of the Dutch, attempted to replace it.

4: The states/colonies today are being manipulated by International Brokers to keep the supply of goods and services under a form of perpetual debt against the inhabitants meaning make sure that the products from all over the world always remain at a greater value then the currency printed to pay for it. It is easy to do when the same entities own both the currency and the products.

5: The original Union of the 13 independent states has been moved from the Articles of Confederation to the Charter of the American Continent. The United States of America through its office of the Governor is the host of the Union. Yes, the charter is similar to a 1947 treaty. That was not intended. However, the charter has been published. LINK  The charter is intended for independent states. It would be illegal for colonies to attempt to become a signatory to the charter. Therefore….

A: The qualified electors of each state are welcome to become a signatory to the charter of the American Continent.  Amendments are welcomed when the assembly convenes. Each has a separate and equal station. First, each colony would have to either adopt the Declaration of Independence of 1776, or write a new declaration of independence signed by the qualified electors of that state and then join the original Union.  The process is easy and takes about 2 to 3 hours.

The political move will be rough at first. However, when no one knows what the future holds for them, that is freedom.  People have a tendency to fight for something that scares them the most.

This is a lot to take in in one article. If there are any questions, please contact the office of the Secretary of State for the Government of The United States of America.

Also, the Manhattan Island agents will be working overtime to attempt to keep the colonies under its control. Just follow the legal steps necessary to achieve independence and its greatest fear will be realized and seen by many.  There will be lies on top of lies to keep the states operating as colonies. The transition from colony to independent state is achievable with full cooperation with the Government of The United States of America or a qualified International Lawyer.


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