H.R. 6170 (97th): National Driver Register Act of 1982 “in name only” never divulged that it was a political decision!



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National Driver Register Act of 1982 was all done under emoluments and created another register that was not needed under the guise of Alcohol related offenses. 

The 1789 company corporation has been at it again by not telling and or notifying people that when they apply for a state drivers license that it is literally a political decision thereby becoming a part of the communist party. In other words, it was a scam to get people to fund the communist party wherein on the surface, it appears that the people consented to being a part of the communist party, while domestically, no such notice was given. 

In other words, what happened is that the 2 (527 organizations) the Republican and Democratic so called national parties are private companies and therefore not national political parties. At the same time, the communist party comes in as a national party never claiming to be a 527 organization. 

Through the aforementioned policy that was signed in 1982 created a completely brand new registry for motor vehicles that was not necessary and under the communist party. The communist party notified other countries saying that the people here in America voted in the communist party and no one knew the difference because the international evidence showed the people voted it in with the Declaration of Interdependence of 1976 and then through the 1982 policy resolution.  

Before the communist party reared its ugly head, there was a private property registry within each office of the Secretary of State  of each State for motor vehicles and there was a Department of Motor vehicles for State owned vehicles and commercial vehicles. The system was bypassed with this fraudulent 1982 National policy under communist party rules. 

The communist party further placed a habendum clause in the vehicle titles that gave the privately owned property to the state under the communist party. The inhabitants have been donating to the communist party for a long time and funny part is the states were paid to do it under the cover of “federal grants” for highway improvements.

Further, check the habendum clause on your property deed that reads “TO HAVE AND TO HOLD” under certain conditions. With title there is no such clause nor restrictions.

The habendum clause was added by the communist party to all deeds and then they made it a policy that no deeds would be recognized without the habendum clause. 

We have all evidence of these claims and the communist party owes a lot of money back to a lot of people.

Welcome to the light communist party members and to your future lawsuits that will be coming quickly. With power comes liability, your time of perceived immunity is now over.  

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.