Globalists stage a pathetic opposition to Act for America sharia Law Protests!



People often suspect that most news is fake. Take a look at what we found based on that suspicion:

Take a look folks, all of the stories across America are the same stories with almost the exact same wording when it comes to Southern Poverty Law Center. The all say basically the same thing that Southern Poverty Law Center recognizes Act for America as a hate Group

The newspapers and Southern Poverty Law Center all around the country classify protecting women’s rights, protecting women from genital mutilation, protecting human rights, protecting freedom of speech and many other basic rights as “Hate”. They all quote Southern Poverty Law Center which is nothing more than a political organization that has never filed a lawsuit on behalf of anyone for the protection of their rights and in fact they file law suits that are purely political or anything that advances their socialist and communist agenda. In other words, the reputation of the Southern Poverty Law Center is so bad that it has to use the good name of other organizations to gain free press. Further, the Human Rights Tribunal has international warrants for the arrest of most of the Southern Poverty Law Centers office holders for violating multiple human rights across the board. Southern Poverty Law Center has been listed in many human rights suits heard by the Human Rights Tribunal, however they are protected by George Soros through the U.S. Department of Justice that are simply harboring human rights violators and international criminals

The reality is that under Sharia Law, women cannot vote, they cannot drive, they cannot go in public without a brother or other male family member or husband escorting them, they cannot go to school or anything else. The woman in the last newspaper clipping is a fake Muslim because she is in violation of Sharia Law for being in public and speaking. Muslim men do not speak to women directly. If the women do not wear a hijab, the men can legally rape them with no recourse for the woman.

All of these woman that are not Muslim that are supporting Islam and Sharia Law in the name of accusing people of being racists are in violation of Sharia Law. Under Sharia Law they need to wear a hijab on their head and if they refuse, they could be stoned to death while buried up to their waste in the dirt.

Most communist men that are claiming others to be fascists are the first to be killed when Sharia Law takes hold in a country. Their wives and daughters will be sold at a market as slaves to produce offspring for the Islamic Military.

There are 58 examples of these claims because the same thing happened in 58 other countries that have been taken over by Islam and Sharia Law in the past 50 years. The protestors for Act for America were not outnumbered in anyway. Go look at some of the videos and you will see who the police were protecting and who they were protecting against.

The reality about the news media in America is that they are all one newspaper in many different names controlled by a few men that love to play with countries as a sport with real consequences for everyone else. In some countries they call it a blood sport much like the old Roman Empire.

This first picture is filled with actors advertising for a Socialist Newspaper and we still cannot identify the woman in the baseball cap and glasses. She looks like she is famous but we cannot place her. Further, under Sharia Law these women would be publicly beaten or even executed for not wearing hijabs.(head dress or burka). As a matter of fact, all of the women advocating for Sharia Law in the name of accusing others for being racist are in pure violation of Sharia Law on a daily basis. By not obeying Sharia Law, these women are mocking Islam and Mohammad by openly disobeying Allah and can be raped legally under Sharia Law.

All of these women that are fighting for Sharia Law from the Universities are also mocking Sharia Law, Allah and Mohammad because they are not in compliance with Sharia Law by going to school and not staying home to have babies and service her husband.

The woman in charge of Southern Poverty Law Center is also in violation of Sharia Law because she does not wear the hijab, and also does not stay home to service her husband. Under Sharia Law, she should have been married by age nine and a mother by age 13 or sooner and her genitals should have been mutilated under Sharia Law before her first period or she sold on the open market.

All people that advocate for Sharia Law under the guise of racism are all in violation of Sharia Law and mock Allah, Mohammad and Islam on a daily basis which is the reason for their executions when Islam takes hold of a country.

The women in the first picture are not supposed to be mixed with the men and showing cleavage or wearing shorts. All of these violations of Sharia Law carry a penalty of public beating, stoning, rape or public torture and death for simply wearing certain clothing.
A woman cannot pray in public, and is supposed to be covered from head to toe with an net over their eyes to see through according to Sharia Law. Be careful what you wish for in this world

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A pathetic propaganda video from Southern Poverty Law Center and their communist supporters to demonize freedom and equal rights

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