Feds Demand Apple And Google Hand Over Names Of 10,000+ Users Of A Gun Scope App is fake news!



If anyone has lived within the USA for a number of years, common sense dictates that there is no difference by and between the Feds and Big Tech. LINK

Defense contracts built Big Tech so the headline should read: “The feds doing business as Apple,  Google, Twitter and Facebook are publishing something in a court governed by canon law, (Pope Francis) went to Forbes (city of London) and asked them to publish a cover story to make it appear to the Public at Large that both entities are separate.”

Further, the Department of Defense doing business as courts, give the appearance of justice, when there are thousands of people that have to protect themselves from corruption from those courts and attempt to steal from the defendants everyday. 

The real defense in those courts is if you are doing business with the Department of Defense, otherwise consider your future burnt toast if you do anything to defend yourself in those courts. The reality is that the Military does business as local, state and federal corporations. 

We have thousands of examples and the Department of Defense does nothing to stop the military branch of courts from attacking civilians no matter how many times they are notified of the War Crimes. 

The inhabitants have a hard time understanding that in North America, everything is Military doing business as something because it is the Military Branch of the three city state empire. 

The Military is not obligated to protect civilians, they must protect the tripartite, yet your taxes support that effort and mission. The only reason why anyone is let to live or exist is because a rather large portion of your labor goes towards the mission of the Military. If not, you are a useless eater and deserve to be terminated by raising the price of medicine so the less than middle class will die off quickly. We just witnessed this in California last week.

The story in Forbes is nothing more than the Military assessing threats for the purpose of protecting itself, Vatican City and the city of London. You on the other hand are expendable which is the reason why no one feels safe anymore.

We have personally witnessed police officers walking into a small restaurant and many people stand up and leave to avoid them. If someone says something, they are vilified on the internet, by whom? The Military does it because the Military  controls the internet and all networks because the Military controls the satellites.

Why do Pentagon employees never get indicted for watching child porn at work, it is because the Military are doing business as the courts and protect the Lawyers and Judges at the request of the city of London(Lawyers) and Vatican city (judges). 

Just keeping it real….. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.