Driver’s Licenses no longer required for affirmed American Nationals!


Published on 11-17-2015 by the REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST


The Government of The United States of America no longer requires driver’s licenses for American Nationals that have an oath or affirmation of allegiance to The United States of America.

The Government did some research around the world about the issue of driver’s licenses. If a government requires licenses for its own residents or nationals of a particular country. That particular Government would need a reciprocity agreement with other governments to secure the rights of its residents and nationals in that other country.

Since this Government is dealing with overwhelming corruption in America. The simplest way to deal those issues is to take the argument off the table by not requesting that the State governments enforce the requirement of a drivers license upon American Nationals on behalf of this Government.

American Nationals will still use International Drivers Licenses, the fact that they are not required by this Government will secure the human rights of the American National.  The “requirement” is the issue. Reciprocity of mutual enforcement is the other issue that is now out the window in accordance with the Declaration of Sovereignty.  

The connected issue over automobile registration is also covered in the official assembly record which secures the copyrights of the American National on the registration which upholds private ownership and possible trademark rights upheld by the Government of The United States of America for its American Nationals.