Does your vote count in America?


Published on 07-22-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

The human rights defenders have been investigating more cities around the country in light of the charter of the City of Center Hill. LINK

The people need to know this information to begin to improve their lives.

On the surface, most of the charters that were observed did have elections in accordance to state law. On the surface they appear legitimate where the people vote for their city officials.

In reality, when people go to city council meetings, their voices are never heard and shut down if the concern is legitimate or may improve the lives of the residents of the city. The people are given the privilege to speak however, technically the city cannot hear their voice. 

Lets explain what is happening within the cities of the country because it affects everyone on a daily basis.

When anyone looks at most of the city charters, the wording is as follows:

“All candidates for office shall be registered and qualified electors of the city at the time of their qualifying as a candidate with the city clerk and a resident as required by this chapter”

This makes it appear that anyone can run for office in any given city. “Democracy at work to be envied by all other countries”; However, does anyone notice that the same people hold the same offices or play musical chairs with 0ffices within any given town or city? This can go on for 40 to 50 years. Some clerks have held office for over 40 years and no one can figure out how that can happen.

In order to incorporate a city, the following is general practice around the country wherein the people that live within the area to be incorporated vote on whether to incorporate or not.  LINK

The nature of the municipal corporation is much different then people believe. In a time where homelessness is at all time high, the real nature of a municipal corporation is this:

“A municipal government is a public corporation. The council, or commission, is the board of directors, elected by the stockholders, who are the citizens. The public corporation is formed to provide self-governance and a variety of services.”  Link


1: Has anyone received a stock holder certificate from any city and reported the dividend check you received on the form “1040”?

2: Does anyone know that if you are not a stock holder of your city you are not a citizen of the city yet you are taxed as if you are a citizen and held to the same standards as a stock holder yet never receive a dividend check from the city?

3: Has anyone been audited lately and asked if they received a dividend check?

4: Does anyone know that all city taxes are supposed to come out of their yearly or quarterly dividend check? 

If not, you have been arbitrarily arrested, suffering detention and exiled from your country because technically, you do not exist on the international record as existing anywhere. If not a citizen of the city wherein you live, no popular vote technically exists and technically you live on the plantation owned by the city and its stockholders thereby suffering arbitrary taxation without representation and is in fact a form of slavery. When someone is not recognized as a documented citizen or National, their status is property because technically the city does not recognize them as a qualified electors because they are not a stockholder. LINK

On the surface it appears to everyone that they have a vote and it is placed on television for the world to see. Reality is a different picture altogether.

On the other hand, if someone is not a stockholder of the U.S. Technically they are not citizens of the U.S. Many will claim that the birth certificate is a voting share stock certificate and has money in a account. In reality, a citizen must hold a share certificate in order to have citizen rights, privileges and immunities and to have a vote in any of its elections.

Many people may claim fraud, but from some points of view, fraud is a matter of perception. This subject matter is far from over. 



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