Crazy Anna von Reitz trespassing again and claims to be some kind of fiduciary!



Anna von Reitz (hereinafter “Crazy Anna”) is trespassing again thereby claiming to be some kind of fiduciary for The United States of America and claims she speaks for a unincorporated version of the country known as The United States of America. LINK
Everything Crazy Anna claims is completely false and a scam. In 2015 she was claiming to be an unincorporated United States and claimed that the constitution for the United States (non-existent) was the law of the land.
The truth is she was about 10 years behind in her research and found out she missed the boat and was completely wrong in her non-research and basically looked like a complete idiot.
So what does Crazy Anna do, she makes up stories again thereby claiming that there are two The United States of America and that she is the fiduciary for the REAL UNINCORPORATED The United States of America and then claims everyone that has a real claim is false. Crazy Anna the Professional thief, the one that fought a great spiritual battle and freed the world from their spell while she was drying her hair. This is why we call her Crazy Anna, loves to trespass, cannot keep from committing crimes in every sentence of her writings, tries to turn in the real Governor to to her network of communists known as Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and in the process makes herself an enemy of the republic.
Old Crazy Anna, that blood bound servant of Francis, communist to the core and still lies about it today. Still claiming she can write Trump and have some standing internationally. Complete joke……..

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.   03-21-2020

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