Blasphemy Laws never existed!



In accordance with history that we have access to today, blasphemy Laws never existed since the beginning of time and never will under any real authority what so ever. 

In accordance with some in depth research by John D. Pratt, the blasphemy laws were added through the interpretation of man for control of the relationship by and between anyone and their creator.  LINK

Further, the blasphemy laws were created for the control of speech for the purpose of oppression and the ability to murder people with the consent of the populace in the name of their god.

The lack of blasphemy laws also renders churches, meaning the buildings useless and causes preachers and priests to have to support themselves rather than being supported by others which is another form of slavery. 

These realities may seem harsh, however these scenarios have been created through blasphemy laws that were never issued in the form of a command from the original creator of all.

Therefore, the reign of the heavens society Temple adopted the original seven laws and the Government of The United States of America agreed to adopt and enforce the original seven laws which are reasonable and very non-intrusive. LINK

The Gentiles are under the original seven laws in accordance with the New Covenant. Anyone attempting to divert this fact will result in a international trespass and shall be charged accordingly. 


Go and read the research for yourself before coming to any conclusions at this link. LINK

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 

05-22-2019 The Seven Laws|The Seven Laws

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