Beware of William David Parker aka David Parker: Williams agent provocateur!



Every time William David Parker shows up, let the games begin.  William David Parker (hereinafter “William”) has been peddling his idea of what is called the Dominion of Melchizedek since 2012. LINK

However, William is no dummy, he has read the Law of Nations and knows that it is highly illegal and a violation of the Law of Nations to reside in a foreign country and attempt to recruit people to join his so-called nation.  It is called “man stealing”. 

He claims to have territory in Taongi, yet does not live there and no verification that the claim exists. He likes to remain in Florida and North Carolina trying to sell a social compact with him from anywhere between 6K and 20K. LINK 

There is another side of William, when he shows up, people get arrested and William quietly leaves the scene. Oddly enough, many false rumors surround the people getting arrested. One of the General Post Masters of the General Post Office of The United States of America has experienced this scenario. 

His whole premise and story is this, William claims that the reason why the constitution of the United States came into existence is because the original States of the Union could not pay its war debt which is completely false and would violate the Law of Nations wherein he professes to be an expert. International debts do not constitute a surrender of sovereignty of a country although the international banking cartel would love everyone to believe that premise.  Funny that a man that claims to be foreign to the United States sure does know a lot about its history and his version is always in the United States bankers  favor known as “We the People”. 

Quote:  “You cannot “issue currency” or “license banks” just because you “have a nation”. Without being signatories to Banking Treaties that “run this planet”; you cannot “license a bank” or “put currency” into anyone else’ jurisdiction. A State, that Contracts with or is in Treaty with other Nations…must have agreements for “PAR VALUE” of Their State Currency.” LINK

The above quote is in the comments at that link.

It is not believed that William works for the CIA or other agency, it is believed that he works for the International Banking Cartel itself and attacks anyone following the Law of Nations to keep the international banking monopoly in tact. 

The whole Dominion of Melchizedek claims seem to be a front and is used to lure people into a legal trap under the Law of Nations cunningly disguised code violations are usually the charges, however William is no where to be found when the take down starts.  

Further, William claims to have the right to publish interpretations of case law in the United States which in its rules is practicing law without a license, however William continues to roam free which appears that he is protected by some powerful people that have enough power to control United States agencies, hence the international banking cartel. 

William moved into a private group on Face Book called “Tactical Sovereignty” and appears to have taken over complete with promotions etc..

The bottom line is everyone has been warned by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America with first hand experience in this specific subject matter.