Attention: Ernest Laverdiere Jr.: bring proof that any of what is written here is the truth or forever be known as a liar!



Hello Earnest Laverdiere Jr., (hereinafter “Earnest”) you are hereby placed on notice that if you cannot come up with any proof of what you wrote below in an email that was obtained legally and verified as coming from your email within 30 days of this publication of record, weekends and holidays included, your person will be subject to an automatic fifty million dollar lien due and owing immediately to the lienor and owner of the name and will forever be known as a liar and can be called a liar without recourse from you. 

1: Quote: Keith Edward Livingway was arrested in Simpsonville Kentucky for a DUI in 2009 and a DWI in 2010.  Earnest: where are the arrest records of a DUI or DWI? You have 30 days. 

2: He is running an operation out of a postal box in Costa Rica: Earnest: which particular postal box, we need a number and the documents connecting Keith Edward Livingway to Costa Rica in anyway? You have 30 days. 

3: and was placed on the Sovereign Citizens Domestic Terrorist List for spreading false legal premise regarding the United States of America fraud to deceive people into becoming Sovereign Citizens in a country that has never been sovereign in its existence.  Earnest: where are the official records regarding this claim made by you? You have 30 days. 

4: He was also trying to pass a fake currency called a “COUBIT”and declaring that it was equal in value to the U.S. Dollar which was a currency of his creation for the”YISRA”EL NATION. Earnest: IT IS DEMANDED for you to show where it is illegal and a fraud for a nation to have its own currency? You have 30 days. 

5: His case was dismissed on a jurisdictional matter and labeled “Non Transferrable to other courts………

Earnest: IT IS DEMANDED for you to show the court documents as to the designation of the case. You have 30 days. 

6: Sounds like this guy was trying to set up his own money laundering operation for the Rothschilds or drug dealers…………..E.

Earnest: IT IS DEMANDED for you to show the connections by and between the name above and the Rothschilds or drug dealers. We need to see the investigation paperwork or any other evidence towards this claim. You have 30 days. 

7: WE were warned about the Reign of Heavens years ago. Earnest: we need the evidence as to the legal existence of “Reign of Heavens”. You have 30 days. 

8: Cindy K. Currier was their spokesperson back then in 2015. Earnest, we need the evidence where Cindy K. Currier was a spokes person for anything by either letter of appointment and letter of acceptance and acknowledgement as a spokes person.You have 30 days.

9: Remember the 4 year loops.This is one of them. Earnest: Please explain a 4 year loop and what that theory is at this time. You have 30 days.

10: Earnest, please show the authority where the so called American States Assembly has the right to use the U.S. seal on its documents. You have 30 days.

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 


Updated 11-02-2019 Email sent by Ernest Laverdiere Jr. (hereinafter: “Earnest”) after being served with initial notice:

Additional challenges:

1: Gentlemen:..If you think that you have possession of “The United States of America Incorporated in 1868 at a naval auction which was a scottish arrangement,you are not in possession of the lawful government. Earnest: We need proof that The United States of America existed as a corporation in 1868 tied to the scottish and further need proof that anyone claimed it if it does exist. You have 29 days

2: A maxim of law is that possession by pirates does not change ownership. Earnest: We need proof that pirates exist in your claim. You have 29 days.

3: We American Nationals of the 50 unincorporated states have always been the true owners since the Vatican in 1871 placed a phoney corporation over the original calling it The United States of America INC,which has been bankrupted 4 times and is being replaced with a republic. Earnest: We need proof of claim of the status of an American National in accordance with the Law of Nations. We need proof of existence of the bankruptcy paper work. You have 29 days.

4: WE just dodged WW3 by electing Donald Trump.This stopped the deep state from hiding in underground bunkers as 90% of us were exterminated (Georgia Guidestones). Earnest: Where is your proof of claim? You have 29 days.

5: The Papal Bloodlines and Vatican Draconians who worship Lucifer and sacrifice kids are behind this via The Ninth Circle Satanic Group.Presently,the 2nd marine division is blowing up the massive trafficking tunnels in California and has freed 35,000 kids from traffickers. PG&E is just a orchestrated cover.Earnest: We need proof of claim. You have 29 days.

6: The 4th marines are in Dallas.The defeat of the Adrenalchrome blood drinkers of these children will meet their fate.The hidden technology of this cabal is being released in the form of free energy,Med Beds that restore youth and immunity,and replicators that make food,clothes and tools.WE are entering a golden age  via a 1000 year peace treaty signed with the Galactic Council. Earnest: Where is this treaty? Proof of the 4th marines in Dallas, and proof that a replicator exists, you have 29 days.

7: President Eisenhower signed the GRAEDA TREATY of 1954 with the Zeta Greys from the Orion constellation who gave us all of this advanced technology.Earnest: Where is this Graeda treaty of 1954? You have 29 days.

8: My Father was the top financial officer for the air force at the pentagon and explained Roswell to me.We and Hitler made deals with these creatures who are circling the planet ready to land.Hollywood told all of this in their science Fiction movies.Your future will be great as this information is soon to be released to the people. Earnest:Where is the proof of all claims? You have 29 days.