Another Scam Warning: WATCH OUT FOR “TREATY OF PEACE 2020”!




The TREATY OF PEACE 2020 is a scam because the so-called “SITCOMM Arbitration Association” was and is not with standing to issues an Arbitration Award of any kind. 

The lady who runs that so-called association has had about 5 different names and the Government of The United States of America has had a complaint about identity theft coming from the State of Michigan.

Further complaints include but not limited to credit card theft against the same woman calling herself Sandra Goulette. 

Its a perfect scam, get people to sign up and you have a whole bunch of names you can pick from that you want to call yourself at any given time.

Further, just to be clear, the association may be legitimate itself and operate legally, however, the association would need to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in order for any Arbitration Award to be legitimate within that bankers system. The bankers are not going to allow anyone to publish any type of award against them that is legitimate within their system. An outside Arbitration Award further violates Rule 17 B.3.A of the federal rules of civil procedure. 

If you see this advertisement, please come back to reality and we really hope that someday, something like this becomes a reality, however not today unfortunately. 

However, if you do decide one day that you would like to claim a Nationality through the Government of The United States of America back to the States of the Union, this is what happens if you are serious about coming back to your country. 


Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America. 


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