Anna Von Reitz started the fraudulent Continental Marshals!



Anna Von Reitz (hereinafter “Crazy Anna”) is trying to avoid her liability with blaming something she did on someone else. LINK

Crazy Anna started the Continental Marshals fraud and talked the Colorado nine into falling for that fraudulent organization. Part of the Colorado Nine ended up in jail, one, Bruce Doucette for at least 38 years for a host of crimes. Anyone can call Bruce because he is being held in Crowley County Correctional Facility in Olney Springs Colorado. Crazy Anna backed off about 30 days before they were busted and then tried to clean her hands of the whole thing and is now trying to bring that fraud back.

Further, Crazy Anna is also trying to steal the Post Office from the United States Postal Service by creating fictitious straw men out of entities thereby attempting to separate into ghost timelines. 

The following never happened:

“I have on my desk a thing purporting to be issued as the official “Continental Marshals Oath” that is being distributed under the equally purported “authority” of the “General Post Office”.

The United States of America has not issued nor authorized any such “Oath” and does not recognize any such “General Post Office”.

The General Post Office never created any such oath and Crazy Anna is making it up to create some perceived authority over matters she is not a party to at all.

The following never happened:

“Our Continental Marshals Service is not to be confused with any such renegade and foreign effort led by Keith Livingway or associated with him in any way, shape, or form. The same can be said for any other organization attempting to infringe on our patents, trademarks, and copyrights.”

That fraud is all yours Crazy Anna.

This never happened:

“This current example appears to come from “Reign of Heavens Society”. It’s leader, Keith Livingway, went to a Naval Yard Auction and bought some memorabilia left over from the Scottish Interloper’s 1907 bankruptcy, including an original copy of The Articles of Confederation, which he thinks confers some magical ability on his part to claim it as “abandoned property” and use it to create his own Magic Kingdom “in the name of” ….”

These lies are so bad, it is an honor and a compliment that this big of a lie has to be created to even try to give the appearance of competing with the Government of The United States of America and the General Post Office of the Government of The United States of America.  Normal people would have the guts to come to the General Post Office and ask if any such oath was issued, not Crazy Anna, normal is not her forte. Crazy Anna sees opportunity to try to steal something again. 

Crazy Anna is going to ask for money for her so-called Continental Marshals, be careful, the last folks deservedly went to jail for a long time and all anyone saw of Crazy Anna was her dust she left so fast.

It is well known that Post Offices all over the world do not trespass on each other. This is an unspoken law and mutual respect for each other. Go ahead and claim the Post Office Crazy Anna, see what happens to you. Once again, Crazy Anna does not speak for nor make any decisions for The United States of America, Crazy Anna is a Vatican Agent and always will be by blood oath.  

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.
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