Anna Von Reitz is spreading fake news once again!


Published on 04-24-2017 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

International Public Notice

Anna Von Reitz has been on the rampage spreading fake news again.

Here is the latest: LINK

“A Very Important Announcement– The Nature of the Battle

This morning it comes across my desk that the foreign organization calling itself “General Post Office” is assembling an “army” to invade the Continental United States.”

This claim by Anna is fake, no one is invading the Continental United States other than Islam at the moment. The rest of the comment is garbage to sell the initial claim that the continental United States is being invaded.

Here is another: LINK

This comment is completely fake. No one claimed to buy anything at auction, there was a Postmaster General in 1775 named Benjamin Franklyn that eventually was succeeded to Ebenezer Hazard which did not have a successor until 2010. There was no claim to a Postmaster General of the United States. The rest of the writings are completely fake to sell the lie of a Trojan Horse theory.

This is what the Government of The United States of America has on record as it pertains to Anna Von Reitz and James Belcher:

Anna and her husband came to the Government of The United States of America back in 2012. They both received trust documents that were being done at the time. The committee for General Post Office, LDC that was registered in Belize was operating in tandem with the original General Post Office of 1775 to pull the original General Post Office into an international jurisdiction and back into the States of the Union through The United States of America so Anna and her husband could receive their inheritance. Her main complaint was that no one called her when in fact she was invited to the weekly assembly and never showed up. Everyone at the time was invited to the assembly call. Folks, this is not fake because the certificate is here: LINK

Further, Anna tried a second time to take over the General Post Office in 2015:

Anna von Reitz <>

to me
I made it back home and am attaching a copy of the Trust Certificate my husband received dated 23 July 2012 from an organization calling itself “general post office”.
As you can see, it included a RESIDENT Identification Number of 598307036169. I have an identical document with # 653471686044. There are also Foreign Business Certificates #203 and 204. I have a copy of The Articles of Confederation, as amended as issued by the General Post Master Council for The United States of America, as further amended 21 April 2012.

When Anna figured out that other people had a say in this Government, she attempted in many emails to discredit the Government and the General Post Office. The email string is basically a long line of more fake claims made by Anna against something that she could not control.

Right after the second attack by Anna, the National assembly voted not to honor her or her husbands claim to residency because of the following reasons: LINK

1: Anna is a foreign agent working for Vatican City that is well known to be a communist city-state: LINK to FULL Document

2: Anna has also taken a full blood oath to a foreign communist state:

“Judge Anna von Reitz. Yes, I have a blood oath standing on the altar of the Universal Catholic Church.
My Blood Oath clearly states to you— as it did to Cardinal George of Chicago (see the actual letter addressed to him that is part of my archive at— that I was putting my life and soul at risk to bring forward the Great Fraud against the American states and people for remedy.”

3: Anna Von Reitz has never complied with the company Foreign Agent Registration Act that has been able to be determined to exist. 

4: Anna Von Reitz full blood allegiance is to a foreign communist country that actively infiltrates organizations and groups to attempt to get them to break the law which takes them down and disperses them, a tactic right out of the communist manual. Anna Von Reitz is spreading fake news and lies to scare people to keep them stateless.


1: Declaration of Political Status: “No such thing, you either belong to a political party or you don’t, the political party either has a political platform and a membership card or it doesn’t.  The Political Party has a political status, not an individual.  The political party is either a communist party, or a republic form of Government platform, or a democracy etc….

2: “Grant and Deed of Trust” : that does not have a Grantor or Grantee in the wording.

3: Record of name(s) affidavit: heir and beneficiary cannot exist in one document. They are two separate types of entities under two separate bodies of law and the wording is horrible.

4: Notice of Emancipation: dealt with actual slaves that were considered property at the time, nothing to do with today.

5: “Claim of Life Estate”: Life Estate is not a term, also done improperly and is null and void for vagueness and instructed to record in county records and were never told to publish anything which in this case was good for the signors of these types of documents.

A first year law student would laugh these documents out of the court room and she considers herself a judge which was self proclaimed. No elections, no legislature to make law to enforce, no political party, no court rules, no charter and goes on and on.

Anna Von Reitz uses slander and fake news to create fear that is intended to keep her subjects under control on behalf of her masters running a communist regime under the veil of religion. Anna Von Reitz has nothing to do with the American States of the Union and always places herself as a martyr against Vatican City which is what all infiltrators do. The tactic is right out of the book of foreign infiltration.

The Continental Army is not a standing army nor is it classified as a invading army. It is formed like the army in Switzerland which is not a standing army.

The Government of The United States of America, under the Law of Nations, has the right of self defense along with the States of the Union within The United States of America. Pope Francis declared the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe as an invasion. LINK

The U.S. Military is pledged to the United Nations: LINK    (page 6 last paragraph)

The States of the Union are left to fend for themselves and Anna Von Reitz is against this basic human and international right?

1: Why would the Continental Army scare Anna Von Reitz?

2: Why would Anna Von Reitz do her best to attack the original Government of a country that she professes to protect in the form of being a martyr against the evil doers of Vatican City?

3: Why do people follow this woman blindly and believe everything she says? Anna had to be trained somewhere.

4: Where are the documents to support her assertions that the office of the Postmaster General was bought at a bankruptcy auction and where are the documents that shows that an actual bankruptcy sale occurred?

5: Where are the documents showing any claim made by Anna Von Reitz? Answer: There aren’t any because all claims made by Anna Von Reitz are fake news or orders coming from somewhere or someone else to create fear and keep people stateless. 

6: What could be the motivation for this agent to be so vicious and how can she live with the lies she publishes? or is Anna Von Reitz so controlling that she tries to destroy what she cannot control?

7: How come when Anna Von Reitz gets into a fight with the so-called “Continental Marshals”, they all start getting busted all over the country as an organized crime syndicate with more charges stacked to the ceiling?

Anna Von Reitz is coming close to international espionage based on her recent postings which are all on record. In case someone missed the intent of the last statement, that is a warning for Anna and James Belcher. It won’t be the agents charged, it will be Vatican City itself charged with espionage which is an international crime.

Anna Von Reitz has failed her mission as an agent when she was not able to infiltrate this Government in 2015; and now she is using black operation tactics to cause confusion and division at the expense of the Public at Large. The result is a scared people that blindly follow a self proclaimed judge without questioning her sources if any and parrot her disinformation.

If you do not want to believe this publishing, that is fine. But at least do your research before you also end up looking like an foreign agent for Vatican City.

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