Anna Maria Riezinger and husband are thieves, liars, and international fugitives that work for a foreign Monarch as private council, and both have a valid international warrant published against both persons!



Once again Anna von Reitz cannot keep her big mouth shut nor can she control her envy, jealousy, and covets everything she sees and is not above lying about people to get what she wants. 

Anna Von Reitz and her husband (hereinafter “fugitives”) are attempting to hijack the Government of The United States of America for themselves the same as Hillary and William Clinton did back when they hijacked the company corporation. Both have stupidly mistaken kindness, patience, and waiting for them to catch up with the real Government of The United States of America for weakness. Now we know that their true intentions are more sinister. Paul Stramer is also involved with this theft attempt. LINK

Here we go: 

From: Anna von Reitz <>
Date: August 25, 2019 at 9:34:28 PM EDT
To: “Paul Stramer at” <>
Subject: About the “International Arrest Warrant”…..

About the “International Arrest Warrant”…..

About the “International Arrest Warrant” issued by “Reign of Heaven” Society, against me and my husband and the Government of The United States of America —- Notice in this statement that the fugitives are lying and attempting to hijack the Government of The United States of America as if both fugitives ever had anything to do with the Government of The United States of America. They caught up with the research and all of a sudden, out of thin air, both fugitives attempt to confiscate the Government of The United States of America as if they are a part of it. Both fugitives are assuming that people are stupid and do not have a memory. The international arrest warrant was not issued by the Reign of the Heavens Society, it was issued by the Government of The United States of America. LINK

Everyone can see now that both fugitives love to lie to everyone and we have caught both of them in many lies over the years and people keep listening to them. 

another bogus entity pretending to be “the” American Government, based on the purchase of documents related to the defunct Scottish Corporation formed 1868 and operated “as” The United States of America, Incorporated—- at a Naval Auction, no less —- it is all 100% Bushwah, having no cause, no basis, and no affect so long as everyone who is anyone keeps their heads screwed on and reality firmly in view. This whole paragraph is a complete lie, completely false, and an attempt to hijack a country on behalf of the British American union and a foreign Monarch called a pope. 

There is one actual Federation of States doing business as The United States of America. It is an unincorporated Holding Company formed September 9, 1776; it is privately held by the States and People of this country, and has never been incorporated. This is another example of British Crown guile in action — a gross breach of trust and infringement upon our copyrights, names, and trademarks without our knowledge or consent. Here the fugitives attempt to make it appear they are on the side of the people, we have seen this tactic since the first attack from these fugitives, they are working for the British Crown, both fugitives do this every time and call it notice or you had notice. It is a way of publishing notice without telling people directly that they have been given notice. 

Keith Livingway, the leader of this quasi-religious group, is a whackjob who has been in and out of Federal Prison for decades and who was forced to leave this country and live offshore to avoid arrest.No, Keith Livingway has never been in any federal prison and never left The United States of America and never lived offshore and is not a quasi religious leader and has never been diagnosed a whackjob.  

He went to a Naval Sales Yard Auction, bought the aforementioned items once belonging to the defunct Scottish Corporation, and thought that he was thereby made King of the World, and America, too. No, this never happened, another lie and more evidence of intent of treason if both fugitives would like to continue to claim The United States of America and the Government of The United States of America as their own. 

Next, he got “religion” and plagiarized the work of Frank O’Collins and shamelessly abused another man’s work for his own purposes (shamelessly took credit for it all, too) to create the completely elitist and whackjob “Reign of Heaven Society”.  No, this never happened, the reign of the heavens has nothing to do with one heaven organization and did not plagiarize one thing from the one heaven organization. 

They closed membership in 2012 in honor of the “End of the World” predicted (they said) by the Mayan Calendar. That means that you, Bubba, can never truly be a member in their elitist little group, because you were not “called” to their banner and subtly extorted into signing their contracts by December 21, 2012.  No, this never happened, this statement sounds more like someone who is bitter, jealous, envious, and just plain sick in the head. 

It turns out that the Mayan Calendar did not, does not, and will never predict any such thing. It also turns out that these people are nuts. Ignorant nuts, too, as they are continuing to rely upon documents created by pirates as the basis of their supposed authority and ownership interest. Another lie stated after the first lie above so now it is starting to look like ranting again of which both fugitives do quite a bit because they just released another rant claiming to be pissed about something about a week ago. it all sounded like a bunch of garbage. 

So, however “official” all their documents and prognostications may appear, its all just more crappola, wrapped up in a different piece of paper. Sorry to bother everyone to pay any attention whatsoever to their nonsense, even for the purpose of debunking it.  No, the warrant is perfectly legit and the fugitives are not sorry at all because they are trying to place in every ones minds that the fugitives have something to do with the Government of The United States of America and they do not. 

If anyone needs to be arrested, its the heirs of that Scottish Corporate Interloper and all those who attempt to form commercial corporations “in our names” for the purpose of identity theft, copyright and trademark and patent infringement, constructive fraud, credit fraud, and other nefarious purposes. This is another plea by two fugitives to divert the attention towards others that the fugitives work for by the way, and pull honest people down with the fugitives and attempt to get honest people to protect the fugitives from going to jail for the rest of their lives by acting like the fugitives are on the side of those honest people. 

It is obvious that the International arrest warrant is on the minds of the fugitives sounding much like a guilty conscience for what the fugitives have been doing to this country on behalf of the foreign Monarch LINK

That link also shows where the fugitives attempted to join the Government of The United States of America and were turned down because of the fugitives blood oath to Pope Francis. The blood oath means that both fugitives can never declare an oath to anything else for the rest of their lives and will forever remain a subject of a foreign Monarch. Blood Oaths can never be broken except by the blood of Jesus Christ where both fugitives need to go to get out of their mess. Meanwhile, the International arrest warrant will remain on their persons and both fugitives stupidly continue to attack the only people that could have helped the fugitives.  Sad but true….

The fugitives want the Government of The United States of America when a bill is due and owing to which is around the 14.3 quadrillion mark as of 2011.

So you see folks, these fugitives are just attempting to steal what is owed, for and on behalf of their foreign Monarch and attempting to get out of payment back to the people and inhabitants of the States of the Union.

Both fugitives continue to publish notice of their intent and the people and inhabitants continue to believe that the fugitives are on their side when the opposite is true. How many times do the fugitives talk about money due and owing back to the people and continue to attempt to hijack the collection rights to that debt?  

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.