American Bar Association fully recognizes the Government of The United States of America!


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                                  INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC NOTICE

For the past 6 months, the State of Minnesota has been harassing an American National over a driver’s license and insurance that he already has in possession. On a separate occasion, the State of Minnesota has been harassing one of the Government of The United States of America’s ambassador over a tax issue continually attempting to contract with the ambassador.

All of this harassment has been going on privately so no one will see what is happening and the human rights violations that are occurring.

This is what the Public sees if they were to check the records on the traffic issue: PDF Version: LINK

public copy

If anyone were to check that particular record it would show on the surface that the individual is crazy and just trying to get out of paying taxes which causes people to ignore his whole cause. It would further cause people to attempt to talk to the man fighting for his freedom to give up because “Its just not worth it”.

The Government of The United States of America is saying that it is legitimate and the State of Minnesota does not have jurisdiction in the case. Further, the Government of The United States of America also claims that multiple human rights violations are being committed by the Minnesota State Bar Association members and its trustee.

Here is the private record on the same case: PDF Version: MORRISON CTY REGISTER OF ACTION @ CH 6-23-16 img089

private version

Whereas everyone can see that the address is fully recognized and recorded on their record and under jurisdiction is reads “NONE” for the State of Minnesota.

For as a result, the record shows that the Minnesota State Bar Association trustee does not care at all about breaking the law or violating human rights. These are the same people where their whole industry is based on law and nothing else.

In a similar case in the State of California, the Government of The United States of America has taken another course of action for the purpose of restoring the rights of the child because when the adult’s rights are taken and violated, so are the rights of the child violated.

The office of the Governor for the Government of The United States of America has requested an arrest warrant for the arresting of all bonds in the case linked below that has been filed in the National Great Registry. LINK

Here is another link with similar evidence on the Bar Associations record: LINK

The reason why the Government of The United States of America is called and holds the status of foreign is because it is a country and not a foreign company doing business as government to keep control of the subjects/colonists (U.S. citizens) of the various Monarchs of Europe and protecting their interests.  The Monarchs are using their colonists as surety to protect their liability and imposing their obligations on their colonists which is nothing more than a form of slavery.

The next time that arrogance blinds the brain from seeing that the original Government of The United States of America of 1781 brought forward to the present time and reformed as a republic so the current slaves can claim a Nationality is a crazy idea and will never work, think again…

The republic is with the Government of The United States of America, it is not enshrined in the constitution of the United States, that is a company operated by a private trust.

One of these days the people in this country will stop allowing a foreign power dictate their future and destiny and exercise their own right of self determination to freely determine their own destiny.

Infowars is correct, your minds are being manipulated to cover the truth that this country is the last hope for a free world and everyday that goes by without claiming a Nationlity to your own country is another day that light dims.


 public copy|private version

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