A look at the United States Government from an outside point of view!


Published on 10-27-2016 by THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST

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Here are a few points of view to consider:

1: There are reports and proof that elections are rigged and yet people are told to go out and vote and they do vote as if it counts, and as if it is not rigged thereby expecting a different result.

2: A General is convicted of one count of mishandling top secret documents and is looking at five years in jail. A woman does the same thing and is allowed to run for President.

3: Local governments are told that driver’s licenses do not exist because there was no transfer of intangible property to create the license. Their answer is that a human rights compliant driver license is invalid.

4: Local banks are offered National currency that is legal tender. Their answer is they are afraid there will be a run on the banks because the currency they use now is so unpopular. 

5: It is pointed out to the cities that their charters are illegal, even by United Nations standards because they operate as private membership associations and not by popular elections. Yet, the general elections matter.

6: There is ample proof that the banking system is rigged against the people yet when National currency is available to them, they don’t use it. 

7: The shadow government is revealed to people that being the AAMVA and not one comment. 

8: People are shown over and over that an oath or affirmation is required to claim a Nationality and they decide to trade that most precious gift for a credit card, a bank account, and a drivers license that does not legally exist and not recognized by their revered constitution. 

9: People cheer at rallies about their rights, yet have never read their own constitution.

10: There has never been a President of the United States of America in accordance to the Constitution for the United States of America and the Constitution of the United States. Why don’t people know this, because they never read it!

11: The people believe that one man is going to fix all of their problems in four years which took 100 years to create.

12: People believe that their debt can be paid back when in fact, when attempting to pay the debt is designed to go even higher. The more you pay, the higher the debt because the greater the dishonor to your own country.

This newspaper has plenty more where these 12  points of view came from and will be publishing them periodically in the near future. 


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