A International Public Notice to ANTIFA from the people!

     PUBLISHED BY THE REIGN OF THE HEAVENS SOCIETY POST ON 09-22-2017                                    


A Notice is being sent through the email network for ANTIFA members coming from the people. Here is the notice in its entirety:

“The Sheepdogs are watching you! 200 million weapons in this country. 12 trillion rounds of ammunition, and we grow stronger and more outraged every day! You want to destroy the evil white race??? We have news for you! The Sheepdogs come in all colors, all ages, all religions, men and women. We have one mind. We love our country, and we want it back!

You will never know who we are. You will never know where we are. It could be the grand mother sitting next to you on a bus, the mother walking down the street with her kids, the elderly man mowing his yard. The student next to you in college, the middle aged couple watching you march in protest, the barber that cuts your hair, the grocer that carries out your groceries. It could even be the people running from you, as you chase them down the block.

How do you know that these supposed scared victims are really victims??? They may be bait luring you into an ambush?

How do you know that that group of people you are chasing could be leading you, herding you like cattle, into a dead end blind alley or abandoned building where they will suddenly turn on you, and put an end to your criminal ways??? We have already infiltrated your movement. Can you really trust your fellow protestor standing next to you? He or she may not be who or what you think they are! Are you sure they won’t suddenly turn on you at some point???

Isn’t it disturbing to know that you are constantly under surveillance??? We are gathering intel on you and will use it against you. We will create panic in your ranks and fear in your hearts! We will cause you to turn on each other like animals.
We have infiltrated your training. We know your plans. We know your methods.

Hope you enjoy looking over your shoulder!

The sheepdogs are ALWAYS watching, waiting for you to make your move. We are Patriots. We are the new Minute Men. We will defend the flock.
Little Children, you know not what you want, or ask…
A dire warning for you ANTIFA… We plead with you with tears in our eyes!
Do not be so foolish!
Do not start a Civil War!

If you do, we will guarantee you this one thing… We will come for you. There will be no rules of combat. There will be nowhere for you to run, nowhere for you to hide. If you attack us, or those like us, you will lie upon the earth until you are buried in it. Civil War is a terrible thing. But, sometimes the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of both Tyrants and Patriots.

A Proud Deplorable Patriot…

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