Southern Poverty Law Center and Department of Justice of the U.S. retaliates against the Human Rights Tribunal International through Facebook!



It is common knowledge that Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a political communist organization that advocates for Socialism and Communism in any country that they have been allowed to be established and further are working with China to take over the United States.

Everyone also knows that SPLC is under the protection of the Department of Justice of the U.S. (DOJ) and the DOJ is pushing communism within the States of the Union of The United States of America through ANTIFA, a communist international terrorist organization operated by Hillary Clinton, Obama and others.. 

SPLC is hiding behind Facebook at the moment and took retaliation action against the Human Rights Tribunal International meaning that the settings on facebook are not allowing the admin to get to the pages. SPLC did this 2 weeks ago. 

The admin wants access to the pages to delete them, however others can comment what they want on those pages. This type of scenario allows SPLC goons to comment what they want on those pages in an effort to discredit the Human Rights Tribunal International and the fact that SPLC has been found guilty of multiple human rights violations. They won’t let the admin delete the page which causes a situation of hijacking the image of an organization; to evade a lawful judgment and the DOJ helps this communist organization get away with destroying the lives of other people because none of the organizations involved have the standing to survive any scrutiny.  

The rest of the world is in need of seeing these entities for what they are and anyone that donates to SPLC is either a complete idiot, or they are involved in a drug money laundering scheme which is why none of the entities are ever held responsible for anything that they do as far as damages and human rights violations are concerned.  SPLC destroys the lives of people with impunity at the moment which means they have some seriously powerful people behind them to keep those donations coming in to launder that drug money.

We all know how much money comes into SPLC, they never help anyone and its existence is in violation of its defined status all of the time which means its a front organization. The question is, how much drug money goes out the back door and back to those donors for helping with the laundering operation? 

Notice: Any comment on any Facebook page is a ANTIFA terrorist working for SPLC, the DOJ and others. 

Everyone knows that communism does not work, however it is very convenient to launder drug money under a communist regime. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America