The American Medical Association now under investigation for the international crime of genocide!



The following is a list of the ethics as written by the American Medical Association, please keep in mind that the association is nothing more than a club in a legal capacity: 


When a patient comes into any hospital, the priority is taking care of corona virus patients because all hospitals have suspended all other life saving operations. LINK

When this type of condition occurs, the people are technically dead because of the corona virus, when it is written in their death certificate that they died of the corona virus; it is a section that reads cause of death. The cause of death was because of the corona virus when the corona virus took priority over all other life saving medical procedures. 

Technically when the doctors suspend life saving operations they are failing to act wherein they are just as liable as acting and making a mistake.  A war of attrition is the same as attacking civilians in an act of war and technically the U.S. is at war with the corona virus. 

When a doctor sets aside real patients because of money qualifies as an ethics violation. LINK 

When the hospitals were completely empty and have been empty for the last couple of months and the only people we see are nurses waiting at a table to check you for a virus and nothing else; that is a systematic genocide because all other life saving procedures have been withheld and or suspended. Technically, the American Medical Association are not attacking people with the corona virus, they are indirectly attacking everyone else that does not have the corona virus under a war of attrition and therefore under investigation for the international crime of genocide. 

Please notice that a lot of doctors and nurses are coming forward to witness against this war of attrition and therefore are immune from any suit as a witness and not one who is in violation of the aforementioned international law. 

The media is complicit with this war of attrition against their own neighbors. Any war of attrition committed by a private membership association qualifies as a nefarious act and therefore without any immunity from liability. 

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.