Could it be that the corona virus is opening eyes wherein it is all about a power grab by the United Nations?



It appears that the same people that like to call everyone sovereign citizens if they do not want to participate in helping the United nations deceive everyone into giving their rights and power over to a bunch of international criminals have had an awakening. 

We told everyone weeks ago that this corona virus was all about a power grab by the international criminal club called the United Nations but no one could hear it when the fear set into their minds. Only a complete ass would believe a international criminal over their own country and would chastise true patriots and try to assassinate true patriots by calling them sovereign citizens on behalf of a foreign criminal: LINK

It appears that one or two got a clue, the same people that call everyone else sovereign citizens and try to murder them when they do not want to participate in joining the communists and committing treason against their own country. Too bad Donald Trump is not that smart and is still pushing the false narrative for the United Nations.

Could it be that someone got a clue?  LINK

A northern Idaho sheriff detailed his grievances with Governor Brad Little’s stay at home order saying “We were misled by some Public Health Officials.”

Bonner County Sheriff Daryl Wheeler wrote an open letter to Little and posted the letter to the BCSO Facebook page Thursday.

The sheriff also included a letter written by the founder of an organic general store to support his position.”

PDF copy of the letters: LINK

Dear Governor Little:

There is a letter circulating around the nation in response to the COVID-19 crisis written by businessman Alfie Oakes. It brings up and questions many important points: 1)The reliability of the information disseminated by the World Health Organization; 2) Our response to that information; 3) The cause and effect devastation caused by our response; and 4) Our responsibility to change course.

In the spirit of changing course, I am urging you to call up the full Idaho Legislature and assemble them for an emergency meeting in Boise to discuss these points. I do not believe that suspending the Constitution was wise, because COVID-19 is nothing like the plague. We were misled by some Public Health Officials, now it is time to reinstate our Constitution.

On Tuesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott changed his state’s course by signing an executive order, giving churches back their right to assemble. In the spirit of liberty and Constitution, you can request those that are sick to stay home, but, at the same time, you must release the rest of us to go on with our normal business.


Sheriff Daryl Wheeler

The Government of The United States of America were the only ones legally protecting this country while slimy little international criminals were trying to gain a foothold into the States of the Union:

1:  No need to panic over the corona virus!  This was written to try to help  everyone process their fear: LINK

 2:  World Health Organization implicates itself in an armed invasion of the States of the Union!  LINK

3: Object, reject and do not accept or acknowledge any protection from the United Nations Security Council!  LINK

4:  A Declaration of Independence from the New World Order published by the Government of The United States of America and the American National Union of The United States of America!   LINK

5: How to detect a fake executive order coming from a State!   LINK

6:  It is time to end this facade created by the United Nations and open everything back up again!   LINK

7:  The people for The United States of America within the State of New Hampshire and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts hereby object to the following!  LINK

8:  Multiple common law liens placed on various Associations currently committing acts of international terrorism!  LINK

9:  Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office and the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office in Silver Spring, MD declared international terrorists!   LINK

10: Fear Mongering of the subject matter of Covid-19 is considered communist propaganda and indictable! LINK

and we will have the next posting in a few minutes once again watching out for the country and keeping it clear of any foreign claims. 

The Government of The United States of America and the American National Union of The United States of America were the only ones that remained stead fast with our Father in Heaven and stood up against this whole facade created by international criminals while ALL of the corporate politicians attacked their own collateral on behalf of the foreign power, borrowed another two trillion of their own cash,  striped a bunch of rights away, and did it willingly and intentionally. Alex Jones is still spreading the false narrative and has been consistently calling everyone else fake news.  

The United States of America, while all of the lies were being published and we were standing up for their rights, was under attack by the fake patriot community wherein they tried to claim assets while the country was under attack instead of trying to protect it.

1: Crazy Anna von Reitz trespassing again and claims to be some kind of fiduciary!  LINK

2:  Anna Von Reitz is publishing another scam!  LINK

3: The Government of The United States of America has all of the assets that inhabitants are looking to find-Anna Von Reitz does not have access and will never have access. LINK

The inhabitants should have never rejected and thrown God and prayer out of the schools and out of the country wherein now we have a bunch of little communists we have to re-teach because of the damage that has been done. 

Here is another protection put in place by the Government of The United States of America: LINK

Published by the committee of the National assembly for the Government of The United States of America.